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Misc sup­port

This topic con­tains pack­ages with mis­cel­la­neous sup­port stuff.

Reload-the-cur­rent-PDF util­ity for Adobe Reader on Unix sys­tems
Apache ANT Tasks for and PDF
draw rulers on the fore­ground or in the text
Pro­duce 'gray hints' to a vari­able text field
writ­ing a length with a space be­tween num­ber and unit
iden­ti­fies la­bels which cause end­less "may have changed" warn­ings
Create and edit Lo­cal User Group web pages
col­lec­tion with plain macros writ­ten by Petr Olšák
A ty­po­graphic ruler for
Create scale­bars for maps, di­a­grams or pho­tos
Sup­port im­port­ing and em­bel­lish­ing scanned doc­u­ments
Supp­port for for­mu­lae as SGML PCDATA
Make a web page to com­pare styles
Reli­able en­coder for bi­nary files via email
Fron­tEnd for , Win98/NT, needs Mi­crosoft Visu­alBa­sic-DLLs
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