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Here's an intermediate version of nuweb.
I've simply bundled up the web source (nuweb.w),
the generated .c files, the generated nuweb.tex file,
and the assorted auxiliary files for latex'ing.

The "user's manual" and sales pitch is in Chapter 1 of the
web.  If you latex up the nuweb.tex and print pages 0-6
(or the whole thing), you can read about it.

To actually build the thing, first

	touch nuweb.tex



should build an executable file called "nuweb".
After that, you should be able to use the makefile
to control everything very nicely.

If you have questions or comments
(or just want the latest), please let me know.
I'm going to continue working on the documentation for 
at least a week or two.  Eventually, I'll put it out
for ftp access.

My e-mail address is preston@cs.rice.edu
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