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This is the Glasgow "make world" configuration system.  We always
distribute as a component of another system (e.g., the Glasgow Haskell
compiler), but it can be used separately.

It is based on "imake" in the MIT distribution of the X Window System,
as hacked on by Paul DuBois to support "multiple projects".  None of
those people would probably recognise it now.

The instructions for using this system come with the main system (ghc,
nofib, etc.)  They may, however, aim you at the documentation here:

			general user's guide

			reference guide -- actually the ``make world''
			source in literate form.

    docs/<other>	documents related to X11 `imake' or Paul
			DuBois's variant, the ancestors of this

Bug reports and comments would be most welcome.

Will Partain
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