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Direc­tory web/glasgow/lit2x-0.16/literate

This directory (and its subdirectories) contains version 0.16 of the
Glasgow literate programming system.  This stuff is usually -- but not
always -- distributed as part of a larger system (e.g., the Glasgow
Haskell compiler).

The version numbers for this system tend to track those for Glasgow
Haskell, even if virtually nothing has changed herein.  As this system
is pretty stable, this "version" really has nothing new to offer if
you have a version 0.06 or 0.09.

The subdirectory "doc" contains the user's guide (notably, the files
literate.dvi [TeX-produced DVI format] and literate.info [equivalent
in GNU Info format].

If you are building/installing this stuff as a separate system, please
consult the relevant section of the user's guide, near the end
(source: literate/doc/install.lit).  If this stuff "came with" another
system (e.g., GHC or NoFib), simply follow the directions for
building/installing *that* system.

Once this system is built, if you would like to see its source in
"literate" form (not overly recommended :-), try:

    % cd <here>
    % make depend	    # may be omitted if you've already done it
    % make lit2stuff.dvi
		# or...
    % make lit2stuff.info

The subdirectory "info-utils" contains hacked versions of the GNU
Info-related utilities, "info" and "makeinfo".  See the README file

Comments about and suggestions for this system would be most welcome.
You may send them directly to me.

Will Partain
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