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WinTeXShell32  Version 0.71

This program is a free shell for the typesetting system 
TeX. It runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP.


WinTeXShell32.zip       The program
WinTeXShell32src.zip    Source code
WinTeXShell32.txt       Short description, this file


1. GPL license, sourcecode available.
2. The texshell keeps all its files in its own directory 
   (even the ini file). No extra DLLs that mess up your system 
3. Syntax highlighting for TeX commands. 
4. External programs freely definable. 
5. Support for line specials (Forward and inverse search). 
6. Predefined templates and dialogs that assist you in editing 
   text or create new documents. 
7. User defined templates that can even surround an existing text. 
8. Dialog for inserting images. 
9. Images can be opened directly from the texshell.
10. Network and multiuser support. 
11. Interface for the Ispell spell checker.


Version 0.71, 2007-01-31
- Unix line breaks are now handled as default.

Version 0.7, 2006-11-19
- When opening files in Unicode mode, Unix line breaks are recognized.
- Fixed bugs:
           - Opening a file using command line parameters could result
             in using the wrong file filter (important for interaction
             with previewer).
           - Opening a file using command line parameters didn't respect
             Unicode mode.
           - In Unicode mode log files were not opened in UTF8 format.

Version 0.69, 2006-11-15
- Bug Fix: Unicode files were often saved in ANSI format.

Version 0.68, 2006-03-17
- Support for Aspell (http://aspell.net/win32/).
- Fixed bugs:
           - Ispell interface now works on Windows 2000 and XP.
             Please use Akira Kakuto's Ispell compilation, available at:
           - TeXShell should no longer freeze when editing large files
             (Bug only appeared on some Windows versions).        

Version 0.67, 2005-10-03
- Unicode support. The TeXShell reads and writes UTF-8 format.

Version 0.66, 2004-04-23
- New command to comment out text blocks.
- The TeXShell is now capable of inserting hard line breaks
  when typing. This eliminates the problems with word wrap
  and TeX line counting. To test out this feature edit
  linebreakat in the file texshell.ini.

Version 0.65, 2003-09-28
- Fixed bugs:
           - Go To Line did not scroll the window content
             on some Windows systems.
           - Long font names could cause syntax highlighting to fail.

Version 0.64, 2003-04-25
- Set as Main File now also changes the working directory.
- Bug Fix:
        - On some Windows systems, text did not scroll,
          when searching for text.

Version 0.63 Oct.15.2000
- Files can be saved using CTRL+S. The old shortcut
  F2 still works.
- The Templates->Graphics dialog generates [h!t] as
  LaTeX position to supress LaTeX warning.
- Bug fix:
	- The Move Up and Move Down buttons in
          User Templates dialog now work correctly.

Version 0.62 Jul.2.2000
- Support for international character sets.
  This does not work with double byte
  character sets like japanese or korean.
- Fixed bugs:
	- The TeXShell did not work on Windows 2000
          when the background color was changed.
	- Placeholders were expanded only once
          in a line.

Version 0.61 Dec.9.1999
- Bug fix:
	- User defined menu commands did not
	  work in version 0.6.

Version 0.6 Dec.1.1999
- This release was compiled with Delphi 5. This makes
  the TeXShell larger, but fixes some bugs.
- LaTeX is called with the --src-specials options by default.
- The Ispell option for german is now 
  ispell -T latin1 -w ������� -d deutsch -a
  This works with german special characters.
- Fixed bugs:
	- Sometimes the Window-Close-Icon disappeared.
	- On some computers switching between windows
	  caused some flickering.
	- Sometimes the TeXShell froze, when working
          with large files. This bug may still appear
          on some computers. We believe that it is due
          to a bug in some versions of the Windows 
          operating system.  

Version 0.59 Oct.31.1999
- Fixed bugs:
        - Sometimes txx files were created if line specials
          were deactivated.
        - Spell checker dialog remained open if connecting to
          Ispell failed.

Version 0.58 Oct.10.1999
- Interface for the Ispell spell checker.
- Replace Dialog now works as in Wordpad.
- Fixed bugs:
        - Find button in Replace Dialog was not working.
        - Backup file of the main file was overwritten
          with the log file if this was changed within 
          the TeXShell.

Version 0.57 Jul.18.1999
- Bug fix: In network configuration the TeXShell did not write
           button definitions from network ini to user ini file.  

Version 0.56 Jun.30.1999
- Drag and Drop added.
- Keyboard shortcuts for Cut and Paste now as they should be.

Version 0.55 Feb.8.1999
- Bug fix: Sometimes  the TeXShell opened files with the wrong code page.

Version 0.54 Jan.3.1999 
- Bug fix: TeXShell converted all file names to small letters. 

Version 0.53 Dec.21.1998
- Bug fix: Status of the window bar was not correctly written
           to the ini file.

Version 0.52 Dec.20.1998
- Bug fix: Doubleclicking on a file could result in loading
           the file multiple times.

Version 0.51 Dec.16.1998
- New set of placeholders for calling external programs.
- Support for the graphics package.
- Command to close all open windows at once.
- Tab works.
- Fixed bugs: 
	- UNC file names now working.
	- TeX e option did not work with multiple file documents.

Version 0.5 Okt.11th.1998
- The TeXShell remembers all it's windows and starts in
  exactly the same configuration the user left it.
- Network and multiuser support.
- Speedbar to quickly change between windows.
- User templates now as unmodal dialog.
- User buttons now realy freely definable.
- Many minor improvements in usabitilty.
- Fixed bugs: 
	- Sometims text disappeared when resizing a window.
	- deactivated closing icon 
	- When closing the texshell without saving the texshell
	  just saved one window.
	- Malfunctioning syntax highlighting when % at the end of a file.

Version 0.33 Mar.12th.1998
- Support for Unix files.
- New command line parameters to force file formats or to
  open files as main files.
- The TeXShell remembers it's window size.
- The user may define his own speed buttons.
- Additional placeholders for forward search. 
- Small bug fix for inverse search.
- Support for dvips and ghostview documented.
- Speed of arrow keys greatly improved.

Version 0.28 Jan.5th.1998
- First public release

If you have any more questions, please take a look at:


Have Fun
Dirk Struve, 
Peter Nagel,


texshell32 – A free Shell for MS-Windows 95 and NT

Features include:

  • All files kept in own directory (no extra DLLs that mess up your system directory);
  • Syntax highlighting for commands;
  • External programs freely definable;
  • Support for dviwin’s line specials;
  • Predefined templates and dialogs that assist you in editing text or create new documents;
  • User defined templates that can even embrace an existing text;
  • Dialog for inserting images (works with dviwin only);
  • Images can be opened directly from the texshell.

Furthermore, the system is a small one.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerDirk Struve
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