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PXLgen (C) 1990,1991 by MicroPress Inc.


PXLgen is fast font scaling program designed to generate fonts for use
with generic TeX programs. PXLgen can generate either .PXL or .PK


This version of PXLgen comes with three fonts, MVTT10, MVSSBX10, and
MVCLOI. MVTT10 and MVSSBX10 are the MicroPress variants of the traditional
CMTT10 and CMSSBX10 typefaces. These fonts contain more characters than
their CM counterparts. In particular, they contain proper paragraph and
section signs (\P and \S), all ASCII characters omitted from the CM fonts and
european currency symbols. MVCLOI is a non-CM design, based on Cloister (or
Old English). These three fonts together with the program can be freely
distributed.  Also available (but NOT freely distributed) are about 200 more
fonts, including many traditional text and display typefaces, as well as
many foreign and symbol fonts.


This version of PXLGen is thereby made available to TeX community for free
distribution. The program itself, the included fonts and the output from these
fonts can be freely copied.


You can run PXLGen either from command line or from the MAKEfont menu.
MakeFONT includes on-line help, and we will not attempt to describe its
easy-to-navigate menus.

To run PXLgen from the command line, type

        C> PXLgen <options> input_file [output_file]

where the name of the input_file is MVTT10, MVSSBX10 or MVCLOI; the optional
output_name refers to the name of the .PXL or .PK file you are creating.
If output_name is missing, PXLgen uses the input_name. The names may include
directories and/or drives.

Example: Type

        C> PXLGEN MVTT10

to generate a 300-dpi font MVTT10.PK.


        -Q      suppress copyright note.

        -X      generates PXL file
        -4      generates dword aligned PXL file
        -K      generates PK  file (default)

        -R####  defines resolution of the font.  The default is
                300 (10 points on a 300 dpi device)
        -A##.## defines aspect ratio of the font. The default is
                1.0.  2.0 makes the font twice as high.
        -S##.## defines slant of the font. The default is
                0.0.  1.0 makes font slanted 45 degrees right,
                -1.0 makes font slanted 45 degrees left.
        -C      defines SmallCaps font
        -O      defines Outline font
        -Wxx    defines Shadow font, xx is NE, NW, SE or SW
        -F##    defines Shaded font, ## is 1 through 23 for
                different shades.

        These options can be used in any combination.

Notice that the usage of -A, -S, and/or -C changes the proportions of the
font and requires usage of a different TFM file.  Therefore, if you change one
of these parameters, you MUST choose a new name for the font and generate a
matching .TFM file.


The TFMGen utility generates proper .TFM files.
It's syntax is identical to the PXLgen's. TFMgen can also be accessed from
the MakeFont menu.

This version of TFMGen will generate up to 2400 dpi fonts. (80 point on
a 300 dpi device). Some of the fonts can be generated up to 120-140 points,
depending on the complexity of the images and settings of Slant, Aspect Ratio
and SmallCaps parameters.  If you attempt to generate a font that is too large,
PXLgen will report OVERFLOW and quit.

Shipping list.

The following files should be included on the distribution disk:

        README                         This file
        PXLGEN.EXE                     Font Scaler
        TFMGEN.EXE                     TFM adjustment utility
        MAKEFONT.EXE                   Shell for above
        MVSSBX10.IF3                   Sans-Serif
        MVTT10.IF3                     Teletype
        MVCLOI.IF3                     Cloister
        TFM.LIB                        TFM's for above


If you are using PXLgen we suggest you register your copy with MicroPress.
This will enable you to obtain newest versions of the program as well as other
fonts and programs available from us.

Send all inquiries to:

        MicroPress Inc
        6830 Harrow Street
        Forest Hills NY 11375

        Voice 718 575 1816
        Fax   718 575 8038

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