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On NB4LATEX: current status and developments

I wrote nb4latex many years ago, around 1994-1995. As many classicists and 
linguists, I had been a happy user of NotaBene, a Dos programme (later 
Windows) which was, for that age, spectacular -- you could write and print 
non-Latin chars (Greek, Hebrew, maths) with no effort and an excellent 
quality. Also the bibliographic data could be dealt with very well.
Later I 'discovered' LaTeX -- a colleague in the maths department was using it 
and I was impressed by the elegance of the output. But Greek and so on could 
not be typed directly (there was no Unicode input at the time). So I planned 
to use NotaBene as input, and LaTeX as 'final' formatter. My programme was a 
filter from NotaBene to LaTeX.
Then I left Windows for Linux -- and the programme became totally useless, 
because it's a Dos programme. Now I write everything with the (g)vim LaTeX 
suite, a Unicode encoding for Greek and other non-Latin chars, and it's a 

I decided to upload the programme beacuse I receive some requests of 
people saying more or less: I have a book/article/essay written in NB and the 
typesetter/department/whatever wants to get in LaTeX.

However, please notice:
(1) he programme is old and that needs a radical update;
(2) I must update the programme to support the modern Windows versions of NotaBene.

Please write to my email address for suggestions and requests.

Guido Milanese
7th of January 2008

nb4la­tex – Con­vert No­taBene4 to

A pro­gram to con­vert old (MS-DOS) No­taBene4 (in­clud­ing an­cient Greek and all the sym­bols of logic) files to for­mat. With this con­ver­sion pro­gram and its util­i­ties, you can use No­taBene for edit­ing (see­ing all the ac­cents, the Greek chars, etc.) and, at the very fi­nal stage of doc­u­ment prepa­ra­tion, con­vert it to .

The present ver­sion of the pro­gram is im­ple­mented for MS-DOS; the README dis­cusses what might be nec­es­sary to up­date the pro­gram.

Li­cense Public Do­main Soft­ware
Main­tainer Guido Mi­lanese
Topics im­port files in a non- (or dif­fer­ent ) for­mat
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