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These programs convert certain sorts of documents created using Microsoft
Word for Windows into LaTeX format.  They are at the test and 
development stage, and I make no guarantees; nonetheless, I have found 
them quite useful and I hope that others may too.  

The motivation for writing them derives from (a) my enthusiasm for WinWord 
as a sophisticated editor -- I use it to write all my papers -- and (b) 
the fact that while WinWord itself can produce quite good-looking hard 
copy, LaTeX is definitely superior in this regard (plus .tex files are
more portable than WinWord files).  This converter is therefore an 
attempt to get the best of both worlds. 

This distribution is a revision of what was previously called
WINW2LTX, which I developed using WinWord version 2.0.  A somewhat
improved version of this package now goes under the name WW2TOLTX,
while a revised version that works properly with version 6.0 of
WinWord is called WW6TOLTX.  DO NOT try to use the old version of
WINW2LTX with WinWord 6.0: the results are unpredictable.  

The WordBasic macros which constitute the heart of this package 
contain language-specific cues, which means that the original versions
of the package work only with the English-language version of Word.
However, Wilfried Hennings has taken the trouble to prepare German
versions of the macros, so that users of the German version of Word
can now use the package. Please read the file readmede.txt for

The packages comprise the following files:

WW2TOLTX:	WW2TOLTX.DOC	Documentation
		WW2TOLTX.DOT	Template containing conversion macros
		SOCK2.DOC	Blank doc based on WW2TOLTX.DOT
		SAMPLE2.DOC	Sample doc to illustrate conversion
		LIST2.DOC	Sample doc to show conversion of lists
		README.TXT	This file

At the CTAN site-manager's discretion, these files may or may not be
contained in a file named WW2TOLTX.ZIP.  

WW6TOLTX:	WW6TOLTX.DOC	Documentation
		WW6TOLTX.DOT	Template containing conversion macros
		SOCK6.DOC	Blank doc based on WW6TOLTX.DOT
		SAMPLE6.DOC	Sample doc to illustrate conversion
		LIST6.DOC	Sample doc to show conversion of lists
		README.TXT	This file

Again, these files may or may not be bundled in WW6TOLTX.ZIP.

Changes from WINW2LTX: Aside from fairly extensive re-writing for
WW 6.0 compatibility in WW6TOLTX, the current versions incorporate
several minor improvements over WINW2LTX.  Some errors in the LaTeX
codes for some of the special characters have been fixed (and a few
more special character conversions added); the facility of converting
WinWord bulleted and enumerated lists has been added; and there is
an improved routine for preventing broken dashes and detached hyphens
in the .tex file output... plus other small fixes too tedious
to enumerate.  

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Box 7505
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA
(910) 759-5762

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