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TLCock­pit - GUI fron­tend to tlmgr

TLCock­pit aims at be­ing a GUI for [tlmgr](https://www.tug.org/texlive/tlmgr.html), the [TeX Live](https://www.tug.org/texlive/) Man­ager, with a mod­ern look and feel. We take in­spi­ra­tion from the [TeX Live Util­ity](http://amaxwell.github.io/tlu­til­ity/). In­stalling/Run­ning ------------------ Since TLCock­pit is in­cluded in TeX Live, it will be prob­a­bly al­ready in­stalled on your sys­tem. In case it isn't, a sim­ple call to `tlmgr in­stall tl­cock­pit` should suf­fice. We are pro­vid­ing new jar files on the github page, but up­date the copy in TeX Live only at cer­tain in­ter­vals. If you want to try out the lat­est and great­est, get [tl­cock­pit.jar](jar/tl­cock­pit.jar) and put it into `TEXLIVEROOT/texmf-dist/scripts/tl­cock­pit` re­plac­ing the cur­rent `tl­cock­pit.jar`. After this you can run it by sim­ply typ­ing `tl­cock­pit`, or via a di­rect `java` call as in `java -jar PATH/TO/tl­cock­pit.jar`. De­bug­ging can be en­abled by pass­ing the op­tion `-d` or, for more de­tailed de­bug­ging `-dd`. Re­quire­ments ------------ You need at least `tlmgr` from af­ter 2017-11-23, in TeX Live lan­guage at least ver­sion 45888 or `texlive.in­fra`. A re­cent Java (at least Java 8) in­stal­la­tion that in­cludes JavaFX is re­quired. If you see er­rors like ``` Er­ror: A JNI er­ror has oc­curred, please check your in­stal­la­tion and try again Ex­cep­tion in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDe­fFoundEr­ror: javafx/event/Even­tTar­get at java.lang.ClassLoader.de­fineClass1(Na­tive Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.de­fineClass(ClassLoader.java:763) ... ``` that means that the Java in­stal­la­tion does not pro­vides JavaFX. On Win­dows the lat­est JRE from Or­a­cle in­clude JavaFX. On Linux one might need to in­stall some ex­tra pack­ages (De­bian/Ubuntu: open­jfx). With re­cent re­lease of Java 11 prob­lems are get­ting worse, since JavaFX is now sep­a­rately pack­aged, and ScalaFX only sup­ports (by now) JavaFX8. That means, for now it is nec­es­sary to have a Java 8 in­stal­la­tion. As soon as ScalaFX sup­ports JavaFX11 we will move to use it. Devel­op­ment ----------- Devel­op­ment is done in Scala with the ScalaFX wid­get set. The project is mainly a chal­lenge for my­self to learn Scala. Build­ing is done with *sbt*, open­ing the project in In­tel­liJ works fine. De­ploy­ment is done via [sbt as­sem­bly](https://github.com/sbt/sbt-as­sem­bly) which packs all the nec­es­sary li­braries into one jar file. Con­tri­bu­tions are wel­come, im­prove­ments are eas­ily done as I just started writ­ing Scala and my style is hor­ri­ble ;-) Screen­shots ----------- Start­ing up TLCock­pit ![Load­ing screen](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-load­ing.jpg) Pack­age list­ing ![Pack­age list­ing view](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-pack­ages.jpg) View pack­ages by col­lec­tions ![Pack­ages by col­lec­tions](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-col­lec­tions.jpg) Up­dates list­ing, with one pack­age be­ing up­dated ![Up­dates list­ing view](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-up­dates.jpg) After up­dat­ing all pack­ages dur­ing the run of postac­tions like `mk­texlsr` ![Postac­tion view](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-postac­tions.jpg) Backup/Re­store list­ing ![Backup list­ing view](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-back­ups.jpg) Pack­age de­tails ![Pack­age de­tails](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-pkgde­tails.jpg) Con­fig­u­ra­tion di­a­log ![Con­fig screen](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-con­fig.jpg) Re­pos­i­tory seup di­a­log with drop­down for mir­ror se­lec­tion ![Re­pos­i­tory screen](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-repos­i­to­ries.jpg) Paper set­ting di­a­log ![Con­fig screen](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-pa­per.jpg) The Tools menu, as well as the ex­pert and de­bug panes open ![Menu, Ex­pert, De­bug](screen­shots/tl­cock­pit-menu-de­bug-ex­pert.jpg) Li­cense ------- GPL3+ Author ------ Nor­bert Prein­ing

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TLCock­pit – A GUI fron­tend to Live Man­ager (tlmgr)

This pack­age aims at be­ing a GUI for tlmgr, the Live Man­ager, with a mod­ern look and feel. We take in­spi­ra­tion from the ex­cel­lent Live Util­ity for MacOS.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/TeX-Live/tl­cock­pit/is­sues
Li­censesGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense, ver­sion 3 or newer
Copy­right2017–2019 Nor­bert Prein­ing
Main­tainerNor­bert Prein­ing
Con­tained inTeX Live as tl­cock­pit
TopicsIn­stall man­age­ment
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