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From: dwagon@nella5.cc.monash.edu.au (Dougal Scott)
Newsgroups: comp.graphics.gnuplot,comp.text.tex
Date: 6 Oct 92 05:53:14 GMT
Organization: Monash University, Melb., Australia.
Keywords: gnuplot,tex

I am converting a set of signal processing notes to AMS-LaTeX, and I needed to
have lots (around 300) different graphs in the document. Rather than have 300
gnuplot files, and 300 output files hanging around cluttering up my directory,
which would be painful to administer and maintain, I wrote a simple text
filter program which allows you to embed commands in TeX source.

The program scans stdin for %# at the start of the line, it then saves
everything from that line to the next occurence of %# at the start of a line.
It then executes the program specified in the first line with the saved lines
as data, and puts the result onto stdout. 

I use it just for gnuplot, but it should be able to handle any program that
can output to stdout.

For example, to include a plot of a sine wave in your LaTeX file.

%# gnuplot
set terminal eepic
set grid
set nokey
plot sin(x)
\caption{Sine wave}

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