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The Sync parser library.

Since 2008, the Synchronization nology named Sync is a feature of engines. It allows to synchronize between input and output, which means to navigate from the source document to the typeset material and vice versa. Here is how it works: during the typesetting process of foo.tex, the engines writes some geometrical information in an auxiliary file named foo.synctex, this information is then used by editors or viewers to navigate between input and output.

Package contents

This package contains a Sync parser library in C to help developers to embed in their viewer or editor the navigation feature between source and output. It consists in

  • synctex_parser.c
  • synctex_parser.h
  • synctex_parser_advanced.h
  • synctex_parser_c-auto.h
  • synctex_parser_local.h
  • synctex_parser_readme.md
  • synctex_parser_readme.txt
  • synctex_parser_utils.c
  • synctex_parser_utils.h
  • synctex_parser_version.txt

The header file synctex_parser.h contains detailed usage explanations.


The version of the .synctex file format is actually 1. The version of the Sync parser library or the Sync tool are in synctex_parser_version.txt (1.21 as of Oct 2017). The very latest stable sources are always available from the Live svn repository.

More details

This technology is threefold:

1) the specifications of the .synctex auxiliary files is available as a man page: man 5 synctex

2) the code for writing down the .synctex auxiliary file, as part of a engine, is available from Live source repository at


It contains code for various engines including pdf and . However, this folder may not contain the whole Lua related code.

3) the C library in this package.

There is a CLI tool simply named synctex, available in Live distributions, that implements the navigation using this library. See the man page or synctex --help for usage explanations.

Problems and bug reports.

Problems at the engine level should be reported to the development team. Problems concerning the Sync parser library should be reported on the GitHub project page:



Sync was designed by Jérôme Laurens. From the very beginning, he received useful remarks from pdf developers, developers and other members of the community. Viewers or editors developers have contributed to the Sync parser library.

Nota Bene:

If you include or use a significant part of the synctex package into a software, I would appreciate to be listed as contributor and see "Sync" highlighted.

Copyright (c) 2017 jerome DOT laurens AT u-bourgogne DOT fr

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (77.8k).

synctex-parser – Sync output file parser

These are the sources (in C) of a parser module for Sync output.

Home pagehttps://github.com/jlaurens/synctex/
Version1.21 2017-10-15
LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
Copyright2008–2017 Jérôme Laurens
MaintainerJérôme Laurens
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