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SchemeTeX---Simple support for literate programming in Lisp.

SchemeTeX is a Unix filter that translates schemeTeX source into LaTeX
source.  Originally developed for the Scheme dialect of Lisp, it can
easily be used with most other dialects.


1) Processes the file "st.tex" with LaTeX and read that one page

2) Decide if you plan to use your Lisp system's standard LOAD
procedure or a modified one.  I recommend you start by using your Lisp
system's LOAD, which means all text lines must begin with ";".

3) Assuming you do use the standard LOAD, edit "st.sh" so that it
contains the correct extension, i.e. ".scm", ".lisp", or ".clisp".
Otherwise do not modify "st.sh".

4) Edit "Makefile" to reflect the correct destination of the
executables(DEST) and the correct destination of the style

5) The command "make install" installs schemeTeX.

6) If you plan to modify your Lisp system's standard LOAD, follow the
model given in "st.t", a schemeTeX for the T dialect of Scheme.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (34.1k).

schem – Typesetting Scheme programs with

A sort of literate programming mechanism for Scheme. Prettily formats documentation and comments, leaving the Scheme code unchanged.

Version 1992-09-24
LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
MaintainerJohn D Ramsdell
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