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REFERENCES Bibliographic Software                                Version 4.3d
                                                 (c) Volker Kiefel, 1995-2007
Summary: REFERENCES is bibliographic software for authors of scientific
manuscripts and for management of bibliographic data of ARTICLES IN JOURNALS,
of BOOKS, of CHAPTERS IN BOOKS and other document types including notes and
electronic documents. REFERENCES supports LaTeX including BibTeX.
Bibliographic records in MEDLINE format are easily imported. Retrieval of
references is possible by keywords, authors' or editors' names, date of
publication, title of article, book title, journal name and other data fields.
Lists of references and formatted citations in the text can be compiled in any
bibliographic style required by the publishers of scientific journals.
REFERENCES is provided with a text based console interface compiled for
win32-systems and as Linux port. An external text editor is required for
editing data.

This complete distribution of REFERENCES v4.3d comprises the files
(corresponding .zip and .exe-files have the same contents):

  r43d.zip OR r43d.exe (win32 binary files, sample database, documentation)
  refs-4.3d-src.tar.gz (source code: Linux, win32) 
  refs-4.3d-rt.tar.gz (Linux "runtime" files: sample database, documentation)
Please read the instructions for installation in `refsdok.pdf' which can be
found in r43d.zip, r43d.exe or refs-4.3d-rt.tar.gz. On win32 systems, create
the directory c:\refs43 and extract r43d.exe or r43d.zip into this directory.
Version history may be found in `history.txt', for license issues, please read

References for win32 includes a win32 implementation of AWK (Kernighan's awk
dated 04.05.2007). Source code for AWK may be found on Brian Kernighan's
website http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/who/bwk/index.html
Detailed description:

REFERENCES is bibliographic software designed to generate lists of
bibliographic references and citations in scientific manuscripts in any format
(defined by bibliographic styles) required by scientific journals.
Bibliographic styles can be created by the user.  REFERENCES can also be used
as a database to process information on bibliographic data: references may be
searched according to keywords, name(s) of authors or editors, title, year of
publication and other items. The current version supports document types:

(1) articles in journals/periodicals with personal/institutional author(s),
(2) complete books with personal/institutional editor(s), 
(3) articles or chapters in books, 
(4) various document types with personal or institutional author(s).

REFERENCES is primarily designed to support writing manuscripts with
LaTeX/BibTeX (among other features, bibliographic data may be exported in
BibTeX format), it also supports OpenOffice.org/StarOffice writer and other
text processors.

REFERENCES is written in C as console application. Data are manipulated in a
`binary' database format. To make transfer easy, all data and bibliographic
styles can be exported into a documented text format (and -- if necessary --
checked by hand for consistency). REFERENCES is used interactively with menus
at a command prompt. For input and editing data, a text editor is required
(not included in the distribution).  An implementation of awk is required for
some scripts included with the win32 REFERENCES distribution (for Linux it is
assumed that [g]awk is provided with the system).

REFERENCES is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL
Short description:

Bibliographic software supporting LaTeX/BibTeX
Announcement of v4.3d:

REFERENCES is bibliographic software for authors of scientific manuscripts and
for management of bibliographic data. 

Updated and new bibliographic and macro format definitions are made available 
on the project homepage:

Beginning with v4.3, References is provided as Linux program and a win32
application.  Encoding of the internal data representation and of .arr, .fd
and text files has been changed. Less can now be uses for reading text files.

Volker Kiefel
August 2007

references – Bibliographic software supporting /

The package comprises bibliographic software supporting preparation of scientific manuscripts, storage of bibliographic data of articles in periodicals, books and articles in books. The package supports the // setup as well as commercial word processors. Bibliographic data in the MEDLINE format may be imported. References may be retrieved by keywords, authors’ or editors’ names, date of publication, strings in the title of an article, in a book title or in journal names. Lists of references may be supplied in a (user-defined) formats.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1995–2007 Volker Kiefel
MaintainerVolker Kiefel
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