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This file belongs to the PS_CONV package.


The package PS_CONV belongs to the public domain. You are entitled to do with
the files of which it consists whatever you wish. If you alter a file,
however, please remove the line containing the comment

              `This file belongs to the PS_CONV package.'

in order to avoid a mess.


Authors:   P. Pianowski and B. Jackowski
Address:   BOP s.c., ul. Piastowska 70, 80-363 Gda\'nsk, Poland


The kernel of the package is a PostScript program, PS_CONV.PS, for converting
one-page PostScript files into EPS (encapsulated PostScript) files readable
by CorelDRAW!(R), Adobe Illustrator(TM) and Fontographer(R). The current
version is to be used with the Ghostscript interpreter.

The main features of the current verion of the converter are as follows:

1) If a multi-page document is supplied, only the first page is processed.
2) Bitmaps are ignored.
3) Fonts are always converted to curves (for Ghostscript ver. < 3 outlines
   of the Adobe Type 1 fonts are approximated by polygons).
4) If the size of a converted object differs essentially from A4 page,
   an internal parameter of PS_CONV, SCALE (by default SCALE=10),
   may require manual tuning. For larger pictures SCALE should be smaller,
   otherwise a `numeric exeption' error may occur; for tiny pictures it
   can be enlarged. Its value can be passed, e.g., in a command line:
       ...  -dSCALE=100 ...
5) So far PS_CONV was tested only with Ghostscript interpreter


The package consists of the following files:

   0PS_CONV.DOC this file
   PS_CONV.PS   the ``engine''
   GC.BAT       sample DOS batch file (making use of GS386);
                to be adjusted to a particular installation
   GC.PAR       parameters for Ghostscript for the converting session
   GC_HEAD.PS   a header, prepended to the result of the conversion
   GC_TAIL.PS   a trailer, appended to the result of the conversion

Additionally, SHOWPAGE.PS file is referred to. It belongs to the standard
Ghostscript distribution.



It is assumed that all the package is placed in the directory C:\PS_CONV.
If another destination place is required, the following files should be


Ghostscript interpreter is assumed to be in a directory specified by the
DOS environment variable PATH.



% ver. 0.50, Friday, October 27th, 1995:
%      * first official public domain release
% October 30th, 1995:
%      * GC.BAT and GC.PAR touched
% ver. 0.52, Wednesday, April 10th, 1996
%      * oper_kind added to degenerated paths (i.e. containing only
%        `m' operation)
%      * paper format commands neutralized
%      * new parameter called ACLEV added; decimal numbers are printed with 
%        precision PREC (default PREC=3; max. 3 digits follow period)
% ver. 0.53, Friday, November 8th, 1996
%      * the bug in `print_rounded' fixed: numbers of the form `0.0123' i.e.
%        with leading zeros following the period were badly printed.
% ver. 0.54, Wednesday, January 5th, 2000
%      * the file `gc_head' has been improved, paths beeng eofilled
%        and eoclipped are closed explicity



Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (5.8k).

ps_conv – A converter from PostScript to Encapsulated PostScript

A PostScript program for converting one-page PostScript files into and EPS (encapsulated PostScript) files acceptable by CorelDRAW!(R), Adobe Illustrator(TM) and Fontographer(R).

LicensesPublic Domain Software
TopicsPS manipulation
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