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 Name     : PSFragger v1.3b
 Date     : 18-November-2002
 Author   : Primoz Cermelj
 E-mail   : primoz.cermelj@email.si
 Homepage : http://www30.brinkster.com/pcgrapher/



1. Introduction
2. Requirements
3. Features
4. History
5. Disclaimer and License



 PSFragger is a free tool used to replace some labels in eps files
 by using psfrag and LaTeX. The result is modified eps file that can
 be further converted to PDF file for use with PDFLaTeX (eps to pdf conversion
 is included in this tool).
 Use of Ghostscript is assumed a priori.



 - Windows (Win32) platform
 - 800x600 display recommended
 - Ghostscript (freely available)
 - LaTeX with psfrag, graphicx, and color packages (freely available)
 - Dvips (usually comes with LaTeX) (freely available)


3. Features

 - Double click to open psfrag definition file
 - psfrag scan on/off (if scanning for \tex tags is to be turned on/off)
 - Drag and drop psfrag definition file to open it
 - Batch running
 - Creation/modification of psfrag definition list (project list) of files to be psfragged
 - Multiple file processing (selected ones or the whole list)
 - Automatic multistep files processing: psfragging, bounding box correction and pdf creation
 - Debug option
 - File browser for easy file selection
 - psfrag insertion dialog to easily insert psfrag code
 - psfrag code preview
 - Ability to add (and therefore use) additional LaTeX packages
 - eps2pdf conversion button to convert existing eps file to pdf file (one file at a time)
 - Simple bounding box correction tool for eps files


4. History

 - Major bug fixed which prevented execution of LaTeX on some machines.
 - Packages list editor bug removed (no more clearing of packages when cancel pressed)
 - Ini file bug removed (removing unused packages)
 - Parameter passing ability (file to open at startup)
 - Stay on top option added
 - Supporting additional psfrag package options to scan eps files for embedded \tex{...} commands.
 - Layout changes

 - Windows help added

 - Drag and drop psfrag file support
 - Additional program for batch run (no gui) -> using psf.exe instead of psfragger.exe
 - Wrap mode on/off

 - Some layout changes

[1.0] First major release
 - Tested and even more bugs fixed
 - Temporary files are no longer mixed with resulting files
 - File overwriting checking
 - Psfrag code preview in Psfrag insertion dialog
 - Option to add additional LaTeX Packages
 - Some additional program options added

 - Debug mode option added
 - Some bugs fixed

 - Layout changes for easier use

 - Psfag Insertion dialog added.

 - Some features added.

 - First release of this tool.



 PSFRagger is freeware for non-commercial use, (c) 2002 Primoz Cermelj.
 No warranties are made as to it's correctness or functionality.
 Use it at your own risk.


psfragger – Use psfrag and to label an eps file

PSFragger is a Win32 application with which one can perform psfrag replacements and even transform resulting EPS files into PDF files (useful if pdf is to be used). PSFragger can also act as a simple EPS bounding box correction tool and as an EPS to PDF conversion utility.

LicensesNo Commercial Use
Copyright2002 Primoz Cermelj
MaintainerPrimoz Cermelj
TopicsGraphics prep
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