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This is file README.TXT of OCHEM version 3.0

A complete distribution contains the following files (all of them are
pure ASCII):

chemie.pl       main perl script version 1.0 1999-05-11
be.pm           helper class
streambuf.pm    helper class
loc.pm          helper class
bbox.pm         helper class
mncyclib.pm     library module for monocyclic ring systems    
bicyclib.pm     library module for bicyclic ring systems
manual.tex      LaTeX file for preparing documentation
readme.txt      this file
manual.ps       PostScript version of documentation
ochem.sty       LaTeX style for interaction LaTeX <-> perl script version 3.0
natur.inc       M4 preprocessor macro collection for natural compounds
utils.inc       M4 preproc macro collection general useful macros

M4 preproc is not contained in this distribution. If you wish to use it,
you have to get it from other archives.
For proper run, Perl version 5 is required. In addition, module Getopt::Long
must be present.

Please send remarks, error reports and corrections to

Have fun with chemistry!

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (430.1k).

ochem – Typeset chemical formulae with

A Perl script to translate chemical formulae and reaction schemes into PostScript or . Includes a package to include the chemical reaction description in a document.

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright1999 Ingo Klöckl
MaintainerIngo Klöckl
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