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MAKETABLE is a small Windows program that helps you copying tables from Windows programs like Word, Excel and such
into a TeX tabular structure.

MAKETABLE works with copy and paste. You mark your table in the respective Windows program, hit copy, change to MAKETABLE and click the Paste-Button. This pastes your data into a data grid. When you click the TEX-Output-Button, the information in the data grid is converted to the respective tabular structure, which is displayed in a new window. Click the Mark all-Button and the Copy-Button to copy the tabular structure to the clipboard, change to your TeX-editor and paste it in.

The intention of MAKETABLE is to help you with the basic transfer of information in 90% of the cases. MAKETABLE does not take into account all possibilities that you may encounter. You may have to edit your tabular structure in order to get the correct output from TeX. I do not have any intentions to make this program waterproof. So, no need to send me emails saying "you should include this", "MAKETABLE should also take that into account". If you find any bugs, however, please let me know and I will try to eliminate them. If you find MAKETABLE useful, I would appreciate a short email telling me this. 

Installing MAKETABLE

To install MAKETABLE, unpack the ZIP-archive and run setup.exe. That is all, nothing more. MAKETABLE has been written in Visual Basic 6, the setup program is the standard version from Visual Studio.

Gunther Maier
Wirtschaftsuniversit�t Wien


maketable – Convert Word or Excel tables to tabular structures

MAKETABLE helps in converting tables in Word, Excel, etc. to a tabular structure for . Copy your table in Word, Excel, etc. and paste it into a data grid in MAKETABLE. Click a button to convert the data grid to the tabular structure, then copy and paste it into your editor.

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MaintainerGunter Maier
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