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% Readme for MAKEPROG				25 Sep 90
% (c) 1989,1990 by J.Schrod (TeXsys).

This is the MAKEPROG system of structured documentation.
It has the version number 1.0.1.

These programs are given away to you under the conditions of the GNU
General Public License. This license is described in the file COPYING.

It is delivered either as a compressed tar or a ZOO archive. If you
dearchive it with ZOO you should use "x//" as the extraction command
to create all directories.
   The following directory structure is used:

	./makeprog		General files, like Readme and COPYING.
	./makeprog/src		WEB source and TeX macro files
	./makeprog/docu		documentation
	./makeprog/dos		DOS executable and Turbo Pascal changefiles
	./makeprog/webtoc	changefiles and resulting C source from WEBtoC

I have included the article ``Literate Programming'' of Prof. Knuth
in the DOCU subdirectory, it consists of the two files web.tex and
primes.web. It should be read first because it focuses on the
principles standing behind every WEB-like system. Afterwards a look
should be taken on mkprgdoc.tex -- the user documentation of the
MAKEPROG system.  The installation procedure is described (very short)
in a section of this report.
   Please note that the DOS changefile makeprog.chf is produced by
merging the changefiles makeprog.cf? with TIE and discarding the debug
switches afterwards.

Please send bug reports or enhancements to:

   Detig Schrod \TeX{}sys
   Joachim Schrod
   Kranichweg 1

   D-6074 R\"odermark-Urberach
   FR Germany


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (106.8k).

makeprog – A literate system for programming

A literate programming system strongly influenced by the ideas of Knuth's web system, but designed for processing -based sources (documentation processing is provided in both Plain and ).

In contrast to the project’s doc and docstrip, but in common with Knuth's system, there is a separate program (makeprog) for producing code to run (equivalent to Knuth's tangle). However, makeprog doesn't rearrange code in the way that tangle does.

LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1988–1990 Joachim Schrod
MaintainerJoachim Schrod
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