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Directory support/brief-t

This set of BRIEF macros perform some useful keyboard assignments
for writing LaTex documents. The following files are included in 
the macro package 

TEX             -  Initialise
LATEX           -  LATEX commands for ordinary text mode
EMBRACE         -  LATEX commands .
LATEXMAT        -  LATEX commands for math mode
GRESK           -  Greek alphabet
NORSK           -  Redefine norwegian special characters to TEX
                   equivalents. Global translations may be performed
                   in both directions.
LATEXH          -  MacroS for the help utility. Based upon the BRIEF's
                   DIALOG-MANAGER. DIALOG.H og DIALOG.CM must be
GMATCH          -  Facility to get a list of all match of a gloabal
                   search. The serach follows ordinary BRIEF
                   conventions. The macro will search all prompt the user
LABEL           -  Make global list of all \label.. statements in the
REMMER          -  Useful when spellchecking is performed.
                   Will replace LaTex commands in the file with
                   control codes (or oppositte) wich are ignored by
                   the spell checker. The commands are written to a 
                   separate file named with SAV extension. 
                   OBS! The command should be used with care! 
                   The routines are not properly tested!
The source files have extension CB and compiled files CM. The macros
are compiled under BRIEF ver. 3.1.
The compiled files must reside in a directory defined in the BPATH 
statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT. 

set bpath=;c:\brief\macros;c:\uti\mymacros

Included are also a set of help files:

The help files must reside in a directory defined in the BHELP 
statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT. 

set bhelp=c:\brief\help

The macro package may be started automatically when a file with 
extension TEX are loaded. The following lines must then be included
in your personal initial file named NN.M where NN are the initials
given to the STARTUP program. The file resides in the directory 

(macro .tex
       (if (== (inq_macro "tex") 0)
           (load_macro "tex")

OBS! Remember to compile the macro afterwards. (Use: CM.EXE NN.M)
Alternatively you could add the -mTEX option to the BFLAGS statement 
in AUTOEXEC.BAT. This will tell BRIEF to load the macro package
whenever BRIEF starts.

set bflags=-i120k2l512Mrtu300z -mNN -mrestore -mTEX

The third way to load the macro is to do it manually by means of the 
F9 command.

When the macro TEX are loaded the LATEX macro is started/removed by
pressing <Ctrl-F1>. 

To view the key assignments, online help is provided by pressing

Trondheim 91.08.22

P�l Hedne
SINTEF avd. 11
7034 Trondheim
Tlf. 07-593551
Mail: phifk@termix.termo.unit.no

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (43.4k).

brief-t – support for the brief editor

The package comprises a set of brief macros to create key assignments for common functions.

Version 1991-08-23
MaintainerPL Hedne
TopicsEditor extensions
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