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The LaTeX-Mode is a set of macros for the NEdit text editor. Their intention is to
ease the creation of LaTeX documents.

The homepage of the LaTeX-Mode is http://nedit.gmxhome.de/latexmode.html

PLEASE read the following carefully and make sure to understand it properly
before using the macros:

 1. Notice that the key bindings are changed by X resource settings.
    These changes assume that you are using a standard US keyboard
    layout. If you are not using a US keyboard layout, you have to
    change these key bindings to your keyboard layout! 
    (Note: There is a special customization contained to write 
     German LaTeX documents with a US keyboard layout.)

 2. Notice that version 0.9 of the LaTeX-Mode macros needs version 5.4
    or later of NEdit. In any case you can get it from http://nedit.org.
    Moreover, there is also a Cygwin port (for Windows) available at my
    home page (http://nedit.gmxhome.de).

 3. Notice that the preferences files of NEdit and their location have
    changed for version 5.4, cf. the NEdit documentation.

 4. The installation instructions are contained in the manual.

-- J�rg Fischer, 01-26-2005

NEdit--Ex­ten­sions – The -Mode is a set of macros for the NEdit text ed­i­tor

The NEdit -Mode is a pack­age or set of macros, i.e. small pro­grams, writ­ten in the NEdit macro or script­ing lan­guage. It will turn NEdit, the Nir­vana text ed­i­tor, into an ad­vanced ed­i­tor. NEdit ver­sion 5.4 or later is re­quired.

Home pagehttp://nedit.gmx­home.de/la­tex­mode.html
Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainer Jörg Fis­cher
Topics plug-ins for ed­i­tors, for bet­ter and Meta* sup­port
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