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The LaTeX-Mode is a set of macros for the NEdit text editor. Their intention is to
ease the creation of LaTeX documents.

The homepage of the LaTeX-Mode is http://nedit.gmxhome.de/latexmode.html

PLEASE read the following carefully and make sure to understand it properly
before using the macros:

 1. Notice that the key bindings are changed by X resource settings.
    These changes assume that you are using a standard US keyboard
    layout. If you are not using a US keyboard layout, you have to
    change these key bindings to your keyboard layout! 
    (Note: There is a special customization contained to write 
     German LaTeX documents with a US keyboard layout.)

 2. Notice that version 0.9 of the LaTeX-Mode macros needs version 5.4
    or later of NEdit. In any case you can get it from http://nedit.org.
    Moreover, there is also a Cygwin port (for Windows) available at my
    home page (http://nedit.gmxhome.de).

 3. Notice that the preferences files of NEdit and their location have
    changed for version 5.4, cf. the NEdit documentation.

 4. The installation instructions are contained in the manual.

-- J�rg Fischer, 01-26-2005

NEdit--Extensions – The -Mode is a set of macros for the NEdit text editor

The NEdit -Mode is a package or set of macros, i.e. small programs, written in the NEdit macro or scripting language. It will turn NEdit, the Nirvana text editor, into an advanced editor. NEdit version 5.4 or later is required.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerJörg Fischer
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