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This is ml.sty, a multilingual style option to generate documents in 
LaTeX built on babel.sty (so you need babel.sty babel.switch and 
babel.com) but which does much more translation than babel does. It is 
still in the process of being developed.  But I do not think I shall be 
working on it for quite some time since I am leaving for Africa soon. 
It is not yet compatible with LaTeX2e.  Run docstrip on ml.doc.  give 
ml as your first option in your document.  Select a language with the 
command \selectlanguage{}.  More information in the file mldoc.tex

Some things to think about:

I want the diaeresis to be closer to the character ("i)

I want parallel columns

I want compatability with LaTeX2e

have fun

Hans Stoks
somewhere in Africa
(E-mail: sanders@studs.sci.kun.nl --- Note: This is my brother, who 
posted the package on the net for me. *Don't* flood him with mail about 
ml.sty, as he doesn't know much about it.) 
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