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KOMA-Script obsolete
Author:         Markus Kohm
E-Mail:         komascript at gmx info
Version:        2020-06-06
Abstract:       KOMA-Script obsolete contains in the classes and packages,
                that has been removed from KOMA-Script, because they are
                obsolete for a long time.
                You don't need those classes and packages to work with
                KOMA-Script.  You should not use those classes and packages
                any longer.  There are new classes and packages at 
                KOMA-Script that should be uses instead of those obsolete
                classes and packages.
                You need KOMA-Script obsolete only if you have old 
                documents that cannot be transferred into new once using
                current classes and packages.  In this case, you may 
                install KOMA-Script obsolete classes and packages.  See 
                ``Installation instructions'' for more information about
                the installation.
License:        LPPL 1.3c or later
State:          not maintained, NOT SUPPORTED
Package:        tocstyle
Author:         Markus Kohm
Version:        2020/06/06 v0.2k-alpha
Source files:   tocstyle-obsolete.dtx
Classification: TOC etc. configuration package (experimental)
Successor:      tocbasic + scrwfile
Package:        scrpage2
Author:         Markus Kohm
Version:        2020/02/27 v3.30
Source files:   scrpage2-obsolete.dtx
Classification: Page layout package
Successor:      scrlayer-scrpage
Package:        scrpage
Author:         Markus Kohm
Version:        2008/02/29 v1.3e
Source files:   scrpage-obsolete.dtx
Classification: Page layout package
Successor:      scrpage2
Class:          scrlettr
Authors:        Axel Kielhorn and Markus Kohm
Version:        2002/05/24 v2.6e
Source files:   scrlettr.ins scrlettr.dtx
Classification: Letter class
Successor:      scrlttr2
Installation instructions:
                If this is a source distribution without cls- and sty-files
                you first need to generate the cls- and sty-files you need.
                To do so, have a look at the ``Source files'' section of 
                the class or package, you need.  If there's an ins-file at
                the source files list, you have to call
                       tex FOO.ins
                with FOO.ins is the ins-file of the source file list.  If
                there isn't an ins-file use the first dtx-file of the 
                source file list of the wanted class or package instead of
                the ins-file, e.g.:
                       tex FOO.dtx
                This will generate one or several new files, that have to 
                be copied into a directory where LaTeX may find them.  See 
                the instructions of your TeX distribution to see, how to 
                install single class or package files.  Alternatively you
                may just copy the generated files into the main directory
                of you document file.
                You should not need documentation for the obsolete classes
                and packages, because you should not use them for new 
                documents, but only to process existing old documents 
                without changes. Nevertheless, you may generate the 
                documentation from the
                source files using
                       pdflatex FOO.dtx
                several times.  FOO.dtx should be the first dtx-file at the
                source file list of the wanted class or package.

                If this is a TDS distribution, you may simply copy all the
                files with their directory structure into a TEXMF tree.  
                You may also generate a new TEXMF tree and activate it.  
                After copying you may have to recreate the file name 
                database. MiKTeX users should use the FNDB button of MiKTeX
                setup to do so.  TeX Live users may use texhash or maybe 
                the TeX Live manager, tlmgr.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.4M).

koma-script-obsolete – Deprecated packages from koma-script

The bundle provides copies of old versions of packages in the current koma-script bundle.

Packages in the obsolete ‘distribution’ are scrlettr, scrpage, scrpage2, and tocstyle; they should not be used in new documents, but are preserved for use in existing documents.

Home pagehttps://komascript.de/
Version 2020-06-06
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright1994–2020 Markus Kohm
MaintainerMarkus Kohm
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