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OpTeX: the LuaTeX format based on Plain TeX and OPmac

Author: Petr Olsak, <petr@olsak.net>

This software is in public domain.

See http://petr.olsak.net/optex


<0.08> \numberedpar implmented. \emergencystretch=20pt added as default. 
       \inoval, \incircle, \clipinoval, \clipincircle imlemented. 
       \puttext, \putpic x,y instead -y,x (incompatible change!) 
       footnotes have separated color stack now. 
       \fnotelinks implemented.
       Lists by \begitems...\enditems improved (\novspaces \_vspacehalf, \ilevel).
<0.07> demos: op-letter.tex and op-slides.tex added.
       \inkinspic, \transformbox, \slides added.
       documentation improved and updated.
<0.06> tables re-implemented, opmac-rest removed.
       footnotes, marginal notes reimplemented.
       sections.opm, graphics.opm, colors.opm, languages re-implemented
       Cite-bib re-implemented.
       Index, sorting re-implemented.
<0.05> \boldmath reimplemented
       \fontcolor, \letterspacing implemented
       font catalogue improved
<0.04> references.opl, hyperlinks.opl re-implemented.  
       \fontfam, f-* rewritten: no usage of boundary "..." in \_fontnamegen
       \fnote{...} corrected: (parameter is not really parameter)
       verbatim.opl re-implemented + doc added
       file-ref.opl implemented (new \_Xrefversion{3})
<0.03> optex-doc optex.1 included,
       verbatim.opm re-implmented,
       math-unicode implemented,
       usebib.opm + bib-style.opm included
       \catcodetable stack implemented
       bugfixing of macros.
       catcodes.opl: removed, one can use \catcodetable, ... primitives,
       pdfuni-string: lua code for lua5.3 fixed.
<0.02> Released.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (985.4k).

Op – Lua format based on Plain and OPmac

Op is a Lua format based on Plain macros with power from OPmac (fonts selection system, colors, external graphics, references, hyperlinks, …) with unicode fonts.

Home pagehttp://petr.olsak.net/optex
LicensesPublic Domain Software
MaintainerPetr Olšák
Contained inTeX Live as optex
MiKTeX as optex
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