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This package consists of a preprocessor and some macro-definitions,
by which linguistics-style trees can be specified as convenient
indented lists, with spacing and line-drawing done automatically.

It depends on Emma Pease's tree-dvips package, available from
pub/TeXfiles on csli.stanford.edu, and requires the use of dvips
(Radial Eye Softrware) for the lines to be drawn automatically.

Files included are:

  trees.sty:  Macros for linguistics tree layout.

  trees.doc.txp/tex/dvi/ps:  Documentation for tree-formatting system,
   including a preprocessor and tree-layout macros.

  trees: executable (by Suns, at least) for tree-preprocessor.

  tree.c, etc.; makefile: source files for compilation of preprocessor.

  test.txp:  a (very) little test file.


Sometimes, when `\\ ' appears in the input, `\\\` appears in the


The package maybe be freely used by individuals for reporting research
(including academic book publishing), and adapted, as long as the
adapted versions contain reference and acknowledgement to the original
author, Avery D. Andrews.

Essentially commerical use is prohibited without explicit permission.

The package is presented for use as is, with no warrantee as to its
suitablility for any particular purpose, and no liability accepted
for any consequences of use.


 Avery D Andrews
 Linguistics, The Faculties
 ANU PO Box 4
 Canberra ACT 2601
 Australia, The Faculties

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (68.2k).

pstrees – Con­struct lin­guis­tics trees us­ing a pre­pro­ces­sor

The pre­pro­ces­sor (writ­ten in C) pre­pares tree sources; the macros make use of Emma Pease‚Äôs tree-dvips pack­age.

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Copy­right1999 Wolf­gang Sterne­feld
Main­tainer Wolf­gang Sterne­feld
Topics mech­a­nisms for draw­ing trees
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