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"pageframe.sty" is a LaTeX style file primarily intended
to assist in preparing books, although it is also useful
when other types of documents are being designed.  Using
the "pageframe" option causes LaTeX to put corner marks
and tag lines on the pages of the document, and optionally
allows the user to include a graph-paper-like grid over
the text area (for measuring indentations, space around
heads or figures, etc.) and/or rules that outline the
text area, header, and footer (so you can see the effects
of such parameters as \textheight, \evensidemargin,
\topsep, \footskip, etc.) and/or rules that outline the
trimmed size of the page (assuming that the ultimate size
of the document is smaller than the size of the paper on
which it is being printed).

"pageframe.sty" has been privately tested by me and a few
friends who are doing book production work, so I think it's
free of major bugs, but comments and suggestions for enhancements
are very welcome.

"pgframedoc.tex" is a (lengthy) documentation file (for LaTeX)
that explains and illustrates the features provided by
"pageframe.sty" (and incidentally explains a few quirks and
even bugs of LaTeX that affect the use of "pageframe").
"pgframetest.tex" is a short document that illustrates
the use of "pageframe" without explaining anything.

I put a lot of work into the documentation file (with help
from beta testers).  It is my wish that the style file
"pageframe.sty" NEVER EVER be distributed without the
documentation file "pgframedoc.tex".  If you want to place
these files in an archive, you may re-package the Unix-oriented
compressed tar archive into ".arc" or ".zoo" or ".lzh" or ".shar"
or other format, but PLEASE DO NOT place the style file itself
(separately from the doc file) into your archive.  Please
DO NOT EVEN MAKE IT POSSIBLE for a user of your archive
to retrieve the style file without the documentation file.
Of course, this request also applies to "private" transfers:
please NEVER EVER give anyone the style file without the

[ Yes, I know about "doc.sty", but although I have successfully
read documentation that was prepared with it, and extracted
style files that are in that format, I haven't been able to
find the file "doc.doc" that explains how to *create* a self-
documenting style file.  I don't have Volume 10 of TUGboat (which
I believe included an article about it) -- I wasn't a TUG member
back then -- and I didn't feel like deducing the usage of
the "doc.sty" macros from other peoples' documentation files. ]

--Cameron Smith

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (18.9k).

pageframe – Page frames, grids, etc., for 2.09

The package provides page frames, trim marks, and grids, as appropriate for preparing books for publication.

Also provided are a means of specifying a “skeleton” (showing the arrangement of parts of the document) and a page grid.

It should be noted that the package seems not to work with 2e.

Version 1991-11-14
MaintainerCameron Smith
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