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   Following this message will be four messages containing the input files for 
the MANUAL Style.  The MANUAL Style is based on the BOOK Style, but numbers 
pages by chapter-page_in_chapter.  It also defines \preface and a couple of 
other items.  

   I orignally got the style off the VAX SIG Tape for Fall 1987.  It was 
placed there by Harry Flowers.  Here is the statement on his submission and 
his listing on the style:

CUSTOM COMPUTER APPLICATIONS - A subsidiary of Traveler's Express
Fall 1987 DECUS Submissions

Most of the submissions are DCL command procedures.  Some I wouldn't be without
and others are merely useful.  Several are documented internally.  A few of the
procedures require VMS V4.4 or later (GOSUBs).  At any rate, I suggest reading
the command procedures before using them.  As always, neither myself nor Custom
Computer Applications accepts any responsibility for the use or reliability of
these submissions.  They may not be sold for profit, but may be distributed
freely otherwise.  Enjoy!
                                              Harry Flowers
                                              Custom Computer Applications
                                              1780 Moriah Woods Blvd. #6
                                              Memphis, TN  38117

	LaTeX Document Style
MANUAL.STY      -+A document style based on the "book" style, which supports  
MAN10.STY        |page numbering by chapter, LaTeXing only selected pages, and
MAN11.STY        |always produces right-handed odd-numbered pages (chapters   
MAN12.STY       -+start on right-hand pages).  Details inside MANUAL.STY.     

I have modified the style files to add the \preface and to correct a problem 
with page numbering for the \part.  I think the style shoudl be included in 
you style collection.

|                M. Edward (Ted) Nieland - Systems Analyst                     |
| US Snail:                            | Arpa Internet:                        |
| Systems Research Laboratories, Inc.  | TNIELAND@WPAFB-AAMRL.ARPA             |
| 2800 Indian Ripple Road   WP 196     | TNIELAND%FALCON@WPAFB-AAMRL.ARPA      |
| Dayton, OH  45440                    |                                       |
| A T & T:  (513) 255-8846/8760/5156                                           |

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (11.5k).

manual209 – A document style for manuals

A 2.09 document style, based on book, with modifications for manual generation and maintenance (including per-chapter page numbering, as in the chappg package).

Version 1988-04-04
LicensesDo Not Sell Except by Arrangement
MaintainerTed Nieland
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