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Direc­tory macros/latex209/contrib/citesidx


(Based on fancycites.sty and windex.tex)
Author: Frank Buchholz, Dortmund, Germany, Dec. 1992
email:  buchholz@lusty.informatik.uni-dortmund.de

Main purpose:
	Add reference-page-list to bibliography-items.
	This is done by using the index-facility.

	Am Ende der Literaturangaben wird jeweils eine Liste der Seiten 
	angef"ugt, auf denen zitiert wird. Diese Liste wird, ebenso wie der 
	Index, mit dem Programm "makeindex" erstellt. Daf"ur ben"otigt 
	"makeindex" die Datei "citesidx.isty".

	README		This file
	CITESIDX.STY 	Style-File used by LaTeX
	CITESIDX.ISTY	Style-file used by 'makeindex'. Every char-group 
			( A, B, C, ... ) is started with a header.
			If your makeindex-programm doesn't understand this, 
			use the following file instead.
	CITESIDX1.ISTY	Style-file used by 'makeindex'


	latex <file>
	bibtex <file>		% if neccesary
	makeindex -s makeindex.isty <file>
	latex <file>
	latex <file>

Why use file CITESIDX.ISTY?
	The program "makeindex" has to write entries like the following
		\item \indexciteitem{<key>}{<pageno-list>}
	into the *.ind-file if it recognizes entries like 
	in the *.idx-file. The latter entries are produced by the 

	Notice that the pageno-list is enclosed in brackets, because
	the command \indexciteitem takes two parameters.

	If you change file "makeindex.isty" to get an other index-layout or 
	if you like to use an other program than "makeindex" to produce the 
	file <name>.ind, take care that the page-list have to be enclosed in 

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (4.6k).

citesidx – Pro­duce a ci­ta­tion list for the bib­li­og­ra­phy

The list of ci­ta­tions may ap­pear as a list of page num­bers in each cited en­try in the bib­li­og­ra­phy, or in the in­dex.

A mod­ern im­ple­men­ta­tion of the same con­cept is back­ref (part of the hy­per­ref dis­tri­bu­tion), that pro­duces hy­per­text links from the bib­li­og­ra­phy to each ci­ta­tion.

Ver­sion 1993-02-24
Li­cense Un­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainer Frank Buch­holz
Topics ci­ta­tion sup­port
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