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Interface to the wasy fonts for .


This material is subject to the LATEX Project Public License 1.3c.

wasysym does work with the old wasy-fonts but some characters are missing and others may come out wrong. Therefore I suggest to upgrade to wasy.

The WASY fonts are provided as METAFONT fonts. There is a package wasy-type1 that contains the outline fonts.

Bug reports (and enhancements) to

Axel Kielhorn tex@axelkielhorn.de

Please note that the EC fonts (former DC fonts) come with a textcompanion font that contains a lot of special characters. Use the textcomp package to access these symbols.

Many fonts are now supporting a wide range of Unicode symbols. You may look there first.

This package supports the WASY fonts version 2.4 or wasy-type1 version 001.001. When used with older versions some characters may be missing.


1.0b : Corrected mathcode of integrals (now 1) (=mathop)

1.0c : The command is textwasy as defined and not textlasy as shown in the margin

1.0d : Adapted to 1994/06/01 1.0e : Changed some symbols from mathrel to mathbin as in latexsym Changed the way the documentation is generated form latex2e-beta to official -way.

1.0f : Corrected dh and Dh definition for T1 encoding Renamed Dh to DH as in T1 encoding but keeping the old name for compatibility

1.0g : Reinserted the hbox commands, wasysym now works in mathmode again

1.0f : Changed most hbox commands to mbox (thanks to Donald Arseneau) Donald added partial support for AMSmath

1.0i : Changed license to LPPL, some documentation updates.

2.0 : Changed the way integrals are handled Corrected some definitions (missing leavevmode)

2.0a : Removed rm from DH command. It now works in italic and bold as well, but the italic version looks somewhat strange. I suggest using a T1 encoded font instead.

2.3 : Updated to support version 2.3 of the WASY fonts. New characters added: Paragraph, euro and applecmd. Support for the bold and slanted version of wasy10.

2.4 : Updated to support version 2.4 of the WASY fonts. New characters added: longs (Unicode 017f) and roundz a variant of the letter z that got reintroduced to german writing with the Vereinfachte Ausgangsschrift.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (167.7k).

wasysym – support for the wasy fonts

The wasy (Waldi Symbol) font by Roland Waldi provides many glyphs like male and female symbols and astronomical symbols, as well as the complete lasy font set and other odds and ends. This package implements an easy to use interface for these symbols.

Version2.4 2020-01-19
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright1994–1999 Axel Kielhorn
2003, 2019 Axel Kielhorn, Walter Schmidt
MaintainerAxel Kielhorn
Contained inTeX Live as wasysym
MiKTeX as wasysym
TopicsFont support
See alsowasy-type1
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