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This class provides necessary macros to prepare your Curriculum
Vitae. All documentation for the class is included in individual
files. The files provided (so far) are:

  o vita.cls:  class definition file,
  o vitaComputerScience.clo: class option file to create Curriculum
    Vitae for computer science,
  o vitaRacunalnistvo.clo: class option file to create Curriculum
    Vitae for computer science -- Slovene version,
  o vitaVoice.clo: class option file to create Curriculum Vitae for
  o vitaSolopetje.clo: class option file to create Curriculum Vitae
    for singers -- Slovene version.

There are a couple of ways to customize the environment:

  o create a class option file for a new discipline (so far are
    provided options for ``computer science'' and ``voice''). For
    example, to create an option file for discipline ``Biology'',
    you have to create file ``vitaBiology.clo'' similar to the
    ones already provided (see class option files for details).
  o macros provide a decent support to maintain the same master file
    and being able to print Curriculum vitae in different languages
    (see i18n notes).
  o create your own entries/categories (see class file and class
    option files for examples).

Andrej Brodnik, ABrodnik@UWaterloo.CA

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (11.7k).

vita – Con­fig­urable class for cur­ric­ula vi­tarum

The vita class pro­vides nec­es­sary macros to pre­pare your Cur­ricu­lum Vi­tae or Re­sume. The class may be con­fig­ured, both ac­cord­ing to lan­guage of pre­sen­ta­tion, and ac­cord­ing to sub­ject mat­ter. Con­fig­u­ra­tion is done by se­lect­ing a class op­tion; op­tions for Com­puter Science and Sing­ing, in both English and Slove­nian, are pro­vided as ex­am­ples.

The class is said to be based on vi­ta209.

Ver­sion 1996-10-09
Li­censesLi­cense that pre­vents dis­tri­bu­tion
Copy­right1995 An­drej Brod­nik
Main­tainerAn­drej Brod­nik
See alsomoderncv
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