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This is the README for uowthe­sis­ti­tlepage.sty Ver­sion 3.0.1, 2017-08-11


This Pack­age re­de­fines the \maketitle com­mand for doc­u­ments and gen­er­ates a ti­tle page for a UOW the­sis in ac­cor­dance with the uow brand­ing guide­lines. Use this pack­age with the book class to type­set your the­sis (it will work with re­port though if you do so de­sire). A copy­right dec­la­ra­tion is printed on the page im­me­di­ately fol­low­ing the ti­tle page, in­clud­ing the re­quired ac­knowl­edge­ment of the Aus­tralian Govern­ment Re­search Train­ing Pro­gram Schol­ar­ship. The pack­age also pro­vides the \declaration com­mand. This type­sets the dec­la­ra­tion (see be­low) that your the­sis/dis­ser­ta­tion/re­port is your own work, re­quired in the front of each PhD Th­e­sis.

This pack­age is not a com­plete the­sis tem­plate or doc­u­ment class, it only type­sets the ti­tle page and dec­la­ra­tion. This pack­age is de­signed to do as lit­tle to your doc­u­ment as pos­si­ble. It won't set the mar­gins, spac­ing, or type­face used in your doc­u­ment. This ver­sion is a ma­jor re­design of the ti­tle page to co­in­cide the re-brand­ing of UOW dur­ing 2016. It also adds the copy­right state­ment and ac­knowl­edge­ment of the Aus­tralian Govern­ment Re­search Train­ing Part­ner­ship Schol­ar­ships. Be sure to use the new ver­sion of the UOW crest (be­low). A copy is dis­tributed with the uow the­sis tem­plate on UOW web­site. It fol­lows the UOW the­sis guide­lines and is has a ba­sic setup ready to get you started with your the­sis. For those start­ing off on their own, the fol­low­ing code will give you a doc­u­ment that sat­is­fies the UOW the­sis guide­lines.

  \geometry{a4paper,inner=4.0cm, outer=2cm, top=3cm, bottom=2cm}

% or
% \doublespacing

% to use in Times New Roman instead of the LaTeX default, latin modern.

Re­quired Pack­ages

  • setspace
  • etool­box
  • graph­icx
  • ge­om­e­try

Ba­sic Usage


   % Standard fields of \maketitle
      \title{A Pretty Swish Title}
      \author{Average J. Blow}
      \date{Month Year}

   % The new fields from the \maketitle renewal (see code below).
      \degree{That Degree You've Been Studying} 
         % Write in full: e.g. Bachelor of Science Honours
      \school{Your School}  
         % e.g Chemistry
      \supervisor[x]{Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2,... \& Supervisor x}
         % A list of your supervisors, can be turned off with the 
         % nosupervisor package option in the preamble or switched 
         % to multiple (more than one) with the package option 
         % multiplesupervisors
   % And the optional field
      \cosupervisor[number of co-supervisors]{Co-supervisors 1, Co-supervisor 2,... \& Co-supervisor x}

   % Your Thesis...

Word­ing of the Dec­la­ra­tion (ex­am­ple op­tion 'phd')



I, Stu­dent’s Full Name, de­clare that this the­sis sub­mit­ted in ful­fil­ment of the re­quire­ments for the con­fer­ral of the de­gree Doc­tor of Phi­los­o­phy, from the Univer­sity of Wol­lon­gong, is wholly my own work un­less oth­er­wise ref­er­enced or ac­knowl­edged. This doc­u­ment has not been sub­mit­ted for qual­i­fi­ca­tions at any other aca­demic in­sti­tu­tion.

> > >

Stu­dent’s Full Name


Jan­uary 9, 2014


De­fault Mar­gins for UOW Th­e­ses

The UOW de­fault di­men­sions (as done by the style file) can be im­ple­mented with:

   \geometry{a4paper,inner=4.0cm, outer=2cm, top=3cm, bottom=2cm}

Created by Thomas M. Grif­fiths (tmg994atuow­maildotedudotau) 2017-07-19


Copy­right (CC-BY-SA 4.0 AU) 2017 by T. M. Grif­fiths un­der the cre­ative com­mons li­cence (at­tri­bu­tion, non-com­er­cial, share alike). This work may be dis­tributed and/or mod­i­fied un­der the con­di­tions of the Project Public Li­cense ver­sion 1.3c

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.1M).

uowthe­sis­ti­tlepage – Ti­tle page for dis­ser­ta­tions at the Univer­sity of Wol­lon­gong

The pack­age re­de­fines \maketi­tle to gen­er­ate a ti­tle page for a Univer­sity of Wol­lon­gong the­sis, in ac­cor­dance with the UoW brand­ing guide­lines. The pack­age should be used with the book class to type­set a the­sis.

The pack­age also de­fines a \dec­la­ra­tion com­mand that type­sets the dec­la­ra­tion that this the­sis is your own work, etc., which is re­quired in the front of each PhD Th­e­sis.

Li­cense CC BY-SA 4.0
The Project Public Li­cense 1.3c
Main­tainerThomas M Grif­fiths
Con­tained inTeX Live as uowthe­sis­ti­tlepage
MiKTeX as uowthe­sis­ti­tlepage
Topics type­set­ting dis­ser­ta­tions, the­ses, etc.
See also uowthesis
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