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TOPtesi bundle version 5.9.06 of 2016
Copyright 2008-2016 Claudio Beccari
LaTeX Project Public Licence LPPL v.1.3 (or later)

The TOPtesi bundle contains everything is needed for typesetting a
bachelor, master or PhD thesis in Italian (or in any other language
supported by LaTeX: the bundle supports multi-language use).

The infix strings may be selected and specified at will by means
of a configuration file, so as to customise the information of the
front page to the requirements of a specific university and a specific

Thanks to its language management, the bundle is suited for
multi-language theses that are more and more frequent thanks
to the double degree programs of the European Union Erasmus programs
or the Life Long Learning European programs.

Version 5.9.06, besides minor corrections in the documentation, redefines 
the \unit macro so as to be compatible with package SIunitx.

Version 5.9.05 starts a new numbering scheme with version, subversion and 
subsubversion; it gives more flexibility to version numbering.

This new TOPtesi bundle contains some corrections to the topfront.sty 
module to be used as a standalone extension to be used with classes 
other than toptesi.cls.

Version 5.93 of TOPtesi was intended to be compliant also with XeLaTeX 
and LuaLaTeX; the documentation explains also how to obtain PDF/A-1b 
archivable files from pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX, and LuaLaTeX. This particular part
is up to date with respect to package pdfx dated 2016/05/03 v.1.5.8 and 
to ghostscript 9.16.

Version 5.90 had been enhanced with some more class options that allow 
TOPtesi to be used with external packages for typesetting the title 
page in different styles.

Version 5.90 had a completely enhanced and redone Italian documentation 
file toptesi-it-pdftex.pdf.

Version 5.91 contained some small enhancements and bug corrections.

Version 5.92, besides some more little enhancements and bug correction, 
has its documentation completely redone in order to upgrade it to the 
most recent version (1.5.8) of the pdfx package needed to produce PDF/A 
compliant PDF output files; in particular now PDF/A compliant files can 
be produced also with LuaLaTeX, but no tricks are now needed to use 
LuaLaTeX (version 0.95).

The package is already installed  with complete TeXLive or 
MiKTeX distributions. In this case you don't need to 
decompress anything and move files around. Possibly check if the 
CTAN repository contains a newer version and, in case, use your package 
manager to upgrade your installation, but don't ever move or change 
anything in the TeX system directories.

For a personal installation, if the package is not already installed 
in your TeX system distribution, either read the Italian documentation 
toptesi-it.pdf or quickly create in your HOME directory a folder /texmf, 
and create these three subtrees:

then move the toptesi.zip file to .../texmf/source/latex/toptesi/;
in this directory and decompress the .zip file.

Run pdflatex on toptesi.dtx in order to get the class, style and
configuration files (and the pdf documentation in English) and move
the .tex, .cls, .sty, and .cfg files (including the
example .tex and .pdf files) to .../texmf/tex/latex/toptesi/; move to this
folder also the GuITlogo.pdf, MPlogo.pdf, Logouno.pdf, Logodue.pdf, 
Logotre.pdf, Logoquattro.pdf, and Logoblu.pdf files.

For your personal installation, your personal texmf folder is rooted 
in your home directory: ~ on Linux; ~/Library on Mac OS X; on a path 
with different names on different Windows systems, all of them 
containing in one form or another your login name.

If you are running a Windows platform change the slashes into backslashes
and prefix all paths with the drive letter and any other specific prefix
that is present in your /texmf tree. 

If you are using a MiKTeX installation:
1) remember to add your personal texmf tree to the list of the trees 
   MiKTeX is looking in to fetch the files it needs;
2) remember to refresh the filename database.
Consult your MiKTeX documentation to know how to do the above actions.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (3.1M).

TOPtesi – Bun­dle for type­set­ting mul­ti­lan­guage the­ses

This bun­dle con­tains ev­ery­thing needed for type­set­ting a bach­e­lor, mas­ter or PhD the­sis in Ital­ian (or in any other lan­guage sup­ported by : the bun­dle is con­structed to sup­port mul­ti­lin­gual use). The in­fix strings may be se­lected and spec­i­fied at will by means of a con­fig­u­ra­tion file, so as to cus­tomize the lay­out of the front page to the re­quire­ments of a spe­cific uni­ver­sity. Thanks to its lan­guage man­age­ment, the bun­dle is suited for mul­ti­lan­guage the­ses that are be­com­ing more and more fre­quent thanks to the dou­ble de­gree pro­grams of the Euro­pean Com­mu­nity Socrates pro­grams.

Toptesi is de­signed to save the PDF ver­sion of a the­sis in PDF/A-1b com­pli­ant mode and with all the nec­es­sary meta­data.

Ver­sion5.9.06 2016-11-25
Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2005–2016 Clau­dio Bec­cari
Main­tainerClau­dio Bec­cari
Con­tained inTeX Live as toptesi
MiKTeX as toptesi
Topics type­set­ting dis­ser­ta­tions, the­ses, etc.
al­ter­na­tive class(es)
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