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This directory contains user contributed macros and programs intended/suitable
for use with the LaTeX SongBook Style.

Content List (in alphabetic order):

  CarolBook - a songbook.sty formatted book containing words for all the
    Christmas songs I've been able to find where the words are now in the
    public domain.  PDF versions of the file are included for quick
    and easy use.

  crd2sb - a perl script which converts Chord files into Songbook files.
    Contributed by Abel Chow <abel@g2networks.com>.  A postscript formatter for
    Chord songs can be ftp'ed from:

  modulate - a perl script for modulating a song from one key to another.
    Contributed by Christopher Rath <crath@cyberus.ca>.

  texchord.sty - LaTeX macros for printing guitar fingering charts.
    Contributed by Joel M. Hoffman <joel@wam.umd.edu>.  Note, this style is NO
    LONGER actively supported by Joel.

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        mode:        indented-text-fill 
        fill-column: 79 

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