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			   R E L E A S E   N O T E S
		       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
	         LaTeX Songbook Style, Version 4.5, 2010/04/30
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		   Copyright (c) 1992--2010 Christopher Rath
			     All rights reserved.

	      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
		    Christopher Rath <christopher@rath.ca>

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Legal Stuff:

    This package is free software; with the exception of conditionals.sty, you
    can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser
    General Public License as published by version 2.1 of the Free Software
    Foundation (conditionals.sty is public domain and not bound by LGPL).

    This package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
    ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
    FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU Lesser General Public
    License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
    along with this library; if not, I'll be glad to provide one.

Changes in Release 4.5:

    * at Adam Fletcher's prompting, this release contains a new per-song 

Changes in Release 4.4:

    * at Donald Arseneau's request, added language to state that
      conditionals.sty is public domain

Changes in Release 4.3:

    * found a problem with the optional parameter to the xlatn environment
      added in Release 4.2; that optional parameter has been removed
    * a new songTranslation environment added to provide the required
      capability for the Artist index option
    * added a new song to the sample songbook to act as a test case
      for translation

Changes in Release 4.2:

    * added a new Artist index option
    * added a new optional parameter to the xlatn environment; in support of
      the new Artist index option

chordbk, wordbk, overhead:

    These styles have been used to produce the songbooks for our church.  We
    needed to produce books that our song-leaders could use, as well as books
    for use in the congregation; so, these styles were written.

    The `chordbk' option is used to print a songbook with words and chords, and
    it also supports a `compactsong' option which lays out the song in two
    columns per page instead of one (the `wordbk' and `overhead' options do not
    support compactsong mode at present).  The `wordbk' option is used to print
    a words-only songbook.  The `overhead' option is used to print overhead
    transparencies.  They all use the same LaTeX input file.  `Wordbk' and
    `overhead' modes simply ignore all of the chord information.


    This is both the formal documentation for the Songbook style as well as
    its source code.  A .pdf file is provided, as well as the .tex file.


    This is a sample songbook.  This file is used to produce the sample???.dvi
    files included with this package.  To regenerate the .dvi files, simply
    uncomment the appropriate \document line and re-LaTeX the file.


    conditionals.sty    Donald Arseneau's conditional tests.
    contrib/		Directory containing user contributed utilities.
    LesserGPL.txt       Terms & conditions under which the style is 
    mksbkdx		A shell script to make the index by song key.
    mksbtdx             A shell script to make the index by song title.
    relnotes.txt        The songbook package release notes (this file).
    sample-sb.tex       A sample songbook.
    sampleCBK.pdf       Sample-sb.tex formatted using chordbk.sty.
    sampleKdx.pdf       The sample key index run through LaTeX.
    sampleKdx.tex       Key index for the sample songbook.
    sampleOH.pdf        Sample-sb.tex formatted using overhead.sty.
    sampleTdx.pdf       The sample title index run through LaTeX.
    sampleTdx.tex       Title index for the sample songbook.
    sampleToc.pdf       The sample TOC run through LaTeX.
    sampleToc.tex       TOC for the sample songbook.
    sampleWBK.pdf       Sample-sb.tex formatted using wordbk.sty.
    songbook.pdf        The \Songbook's documentation.
    songbook.ist        The songbook package makeindex .ist file.
    songbook.dtx        The base style file.
    songbook.ins	Install script to create .sty from .dtx.


    Please email me for help using the files.  Please let me know about any
    bugs and problems.

    There is a SongBook Style home page.  Its URL is:


    I will make bug fixes, other user's contributed macros and scripts, and the
    latest release of the software available on this web server.

    Christopher Rath        christopher@rath.ca        (613) 824-4584
    1371 Major Rd.
    Ottawa, ON
    Canada   K1E 1H3

Local Variables: 
        mode:        indented-text
        fill-column: 79 

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.5M).

songbook – Package for typesetting song lyrics and chord books

The package provides an all purpose songbook style. Three types of output may be created from a single input file: “words and chords” books for the musicians to play from, “words only” songbooks for the congregation to sing from, and overhead transparency masters for congregational use. The package will also print a table of contents, an index sorted by title and first line, and an index sorted by key, or by artist/composer. The package attempts to handle songs in multiple keys, as well as songs in multiple languages.

Home pagehttp://rath.ca/Misc/Songbook/
LicensesGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
MaintainerChristopher Rath
Contained inTeX Live as songbook
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