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qrbill – create QR-bills based on the swiss payment standard

Copyright (C) Marei Peischl (pei) <marei@peitex.de>, 2020–2023

This work is part of a collaborative project of Marei Peischl (pei) and Alex Antener (foobar LLC).

qrbill 2023/07/24 v2.01

This material is subject to the Project Public License version 1.3c or later. See http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt for details.

The included qrbill-qrencode.lua file is subject to a 3-clause BSD license Copyright (c) 2012-2020, Patrick Gundlach (SPEEDATA GMBH) and contributors, see https://github.com/speedata/luaqrcode. All rights reserved.

Provided files

  • README.md
  • qrbill.dtx
  • qrbill.ins
  • qrbill-vocab.csv
  • qrbillswiss-cross.pdf

The files

  • qrbill.sty
  • swiss.qrbill-cfg.tex
  • epc.qrbill-cfg.tex
as well as the demo files
  • qrbill-standalone-demo.tex
  • qrbill-letter-demo.tex
  • qrbill-epc-demo.tex
can be created from the qrbill.dtx by processing the qrbill.ins-file.

Installation Notes

To be able to compile the package, the files qrbill.sty, swiss.qrbill-cfg.tex, qrbillswiss-cross.pdf and qrbill-vocab.csv have to be placed in the $TEXINPUTS path.

To simplify this, you can have a look at the qrbill.tds.zip, which provides an already prestructured variant to be extracted to any tds tree.

Use the Repository directly

The repository provides a l3build script. You can build the documentation by running

l3build doc

This will unpack the package files and build the the docs within build/.

To install the files into your local texmf tree run

l3build install

For further information on l3build and other options please have a look at the corresponding documentation texdoc l3build.

Version History

  • v1.00 (2020-06-28) First official version
  • v1.01 (2020-06-29) Add tds package and the separate option
  • v1.02 (2020-08-25)
    • Fix placement issue with separate option
    • Add sep-iban/sep-reference mechanism
    • Not on version number inconsistency
  • v1.03 (2021-05-10)
    • Update to swiss qrbill payments standard v2.2
    • Add seb-iban and sep-reference to the example files
  • v1.04 (2022-07-02)
    • add basic support for EPC QR codes
    • add date parsing mechanism to preset the dates to values of \today
  • v1.05 (2022-09-15)
    • add option to convert all data to strings
    • add mechanism to do custom replacements within the data
    • fix qrcode encoding to support UTF-8
    • add support for speedata's luaqrcode library for qrcode generation http://speedata.github.io/luaqrcode/
    • small layout and documentation fixes
  • v1.06 (2022-10-18)
    • additional customization for vrule
    • add possibilities to ignore data fields if empty
    • allow the usage of commas within the billing info
  • v1.07 (2022-10-20)
    • fix utf8 encoding für qrmode=package
  • v2.00 (2023-02-28)
    • add luaqrcode to qrbill
  • v2.01 (2023-07-24)
    • add full epc qrcode example
    • improve documentation
    • disable hyperlink if qrmode=package and hyperref is loaded
    • support icons with epc qrcodes
    • fix icon alignment for qrmode=lua
    • update luaqrcode library

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (124.7k).

qrbill – Create QR bills using

This package provides support for creating QR-bills for the new Swiss payment standards.

This open source implementation is intended to offer a free option to support these regulations and can be adapted for international use.

Packages loaded by qrbill are expl3, fontspec (except if one is using a custom font setup), graphicx, scrbase, qrcode, iftex, l3keys2e, and numprint.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/peitex/qrbill/issues
Version2.01 2023-07-24
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
3-clause BSD License
Copyright2020–2023 Marei Peischl
MaintainerAlex Antener
Marei Peischl
TDS archiveqrbill.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as qrbill
MiKTeX as qrbill
TopicsExperimental 3
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