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Non-decimal unit macros for

Macros for displaying and manipulating historical non-decimal units.

See non-decimal-units.pdf for the documentation.

Contents last updated 2024-01-25.

Package available via CTAN at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/non-decimal-units

License: CC-BY-SA 4.0 Author: Mikkel Eide Eriksen <mikkel.eriksen@gmail.com>

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non-decimal-units – Display and manipulate historical non-decimal units

Many historical unit systems were non-decimal. For example, the Danish rigsdaler — where 1 rigsdaler consists of 6 mark, each again consisting of 16 skilling for a total of 96 skilling per rigsdaler — was used from 1625 to 1875, when currency was decimalised to the current system of 1 krone = 100 øre.

Units for such measures as length, area, weight, and so on were also often non-decimal, and in fact remain so in the few places of the world that have not made the change to the metric system.

The non-decimal numbers were chosen due to their larger number of division factors, which simplified mental arithmetic, eg. when sharing an amount of money or dividing goods.

This package enables creation and configuration of such units to facilitate their presentation in textual and tabular contexts, as well as simple arithmetic.

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