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Direc­tory macros/latex/contrib/mlbib

The files in the archive MLBIB.ZIP include the following
macros and files for LaTeX:

        INSTALL.03     Driver for Installing the package
	LOCAL03.TEX    Input to the local LaTeX-guide "`local.tex"'
	MLBIB.STY      LaTeX-style file MLBIB
	MLBIB.DTX      LaTeX-style files MLBIB in DOC.STY option format
	MLBIB.DVI      Documentation in dvi format 
        JOURNAL.BST    BibTeX style file JOURNAL
(NR)    JOURNAL.BIB    BibTeX database of econ./psych./soc. journals (short form)
        PAPER.BST      BibTeX style file PAPER
        THESIS.BST     BibTeX style file THESIS
        THESIS.BIB     BibTeX database of econ./psych./soc. journals (long form)
	README.03      This file
	TEST03.TEX     Example input text for MLBIB.STY
        TEST03.BIB     Example BibTeX Database

Run `LaTeX install.03' for installing the package. Needs 
the `docstrip' utility. 

Updates are available via anonymous ftp to host
`perform.ww.tu-berlin.de' or from CTAN.
wenzel matiaske  |           / /_/-Berlin
                 |  mail:   Technical University Berlin
                 |          Dept. of Economics, WW6
                 |          Uhlandstr. 4-5, D-10623 Berlin
                 |  phone:  +49 30 314-22574
                 |  email:  mati1831@perform.ww.tu-berlin.de

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (127.2k).

ml­bib – Sup­port for mul­ti­lin­gual bib­li­ogra­phies

A pack­age and a col­lec­tion of BibTeX styles that im­ple­ment a bib­li­og­ra­phy “lan­guage” tag. Bi­b­li­ogra­phies with this tag can also be used in mono­lin­gual doc­u­ments.

Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Copy­right1992,1996 Wen­zel Ma­ti­aske
Main­tainer Wen­zel Ma­ti­aske
Topics BibTeX style or style gen­er­a­tor
sup­port for more than one (nat­u­ral) lan­guage
See also babelbib
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