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The Maple Technical Newsletter Styles  (LaTeX2e)

This directory contains latex2e style files and sample documents of
interest to contributors to the Maple Technical NewsLetter.  In
particular, see the sample article MTNarticle.tex.  This article is
also available as an HTML document. See the file:


Author's Guide Lines

When preparing an article for MTN, the following general guidelines should 
be followed.

  - Prepare the article exactly as you would a standard LaTeX
  "article", indicating the \title and \author.  Abstracts will not be
  used in the final publication.

  - When giving examples in Maple, both input and output must
    be shown.  Include Maple commands and and Maple results using the
    same macros as used by "Export to LaTeX".  (See below)

  - The reader should be able to reproduce the output by simply
    entering every Maple input, i.e. you should not hide some steps.

To prepare your article, structure it exactly as you would a standard
latex "article".  For example,

	- Specify the title using the \title{...} macro.

	- Specify the author / authors  using \author{...} and their
	institutions by using \thanks{...}

	- Include the title by using the \maketitle macro.

	- Use ordinary \section{...}, and \subsection{...} commands to
	break up your article.

The final document will be processed using the the document class
mtn.cls.  Thus, a typical article will have the structure

    \title{The D Operator and Algorithmic \\ Differentiation}
    \author{Michael Monagan
    \thanks{Informatik E.T.H., Z\"{u}rich, Switzerland. monagan@inf.ethz.ch}
    \and J. S. Devitt\thanks{Faculty  of Mathematics, University of Waterloo,
    Canada, jsdevitt@daisy.uwaterloo.ca}
    \shorttitle{D Operator}

You can use the standard LaTeX "article" style for preparation just by
omitting the "\shorttitle".  Use the macro package found in
"mapleenv.sty".  In that case the document would begin


In either case, Maple input and output should be inserted in a format
analogous to that produced by "Export to LaTeX" from a Maple V Release 3
worksheet.  Examples of Maple input and output are


		x + y^2;


		x + y^2


		      x + y 



Required LaTeX2e Macro Packages and Styles

Before processing your document with LaTeX2e you will require 
the style files
	mtn.cls   (fileversion 1.8 or newer)
	mapleenv.sty (fileversion 4.0 or newer)

and the "graphics" package that is part of LaTeX2e distribution must be
installed as part of your LaTeX environment.  A copy is located in the
"graphics" subdirectory.  The graphics macros must be expanded for
installation by running the command

	% latex2e  graphics.ins

The result of expanding this macro package is found in the subdirectory
"graphics_expanded".  The master graphics source files are available from


The Maple styles are available from


The document maplems.tex provides additional documentation on how to use
the styles.  For additional information, contact doc@maplesoft.on.ca .  

Feb, 1995.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (10.8k).

maple – Styles and examples for the MAPLE newsletter

Contained inMiKTeX as maple
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