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lmacs Package--2012/05/30 v1.1

This is a simple package designed to clean up command definitions made in
the preamble. You can cut the commands in your preamble and paste them
into a file named myDefs.def, for example. Then insert the following line
to replace what you just removed:


The package supports auxiliary files with extensions of .def, .js, and
.cfg. More can easily be added, if needed. Use of an exclamation mark
as shown above cancels the inclusion of that file.

Now, back to my retirement.

D. P. Story

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (40.5k).

lmacs – A simple package for including support files

The package allows the user to manage sets of local macros, potentially loading different collections of macros for different documents.

MaintainerDonald P. Story
Contained inTeX Live Contrib as lmacs
MiKTeX as lmacs
TopicsMacro support
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