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lineno.sty v5.3, fnlineno.sty v0.55


The package lineno.sty provides line numbers on paragraphs. After has broken a paragraph into lines there will be line numbers attached to them, with the possibility to make references through the ref, pageref cross reference mechanism.

  • Copyright 1995–2003 Stephan I. Böttcher
  • Copyright 2002–2005 Uwe Lück for versions 4.x and code from former Ednotes
  • Copyright 2011 Uwe Lück for fnlineno.sty/tex/pdf
  • Copyright 2021–2023 Karl Wette for versions 5.x

The files can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Project Public License; either version 1.3a of the License, or any later version. The latest version of this license is in http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt. We did our best to help you, but there is NO WARRANTY.

Home: http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/lineno/


  • Stephan I. Böttcher
  • Uwe Lück
  • Karl Wette

Compatibility with other packages:

  • wrapfig.sty: works since v2.05
  • multicol.sty: works partly since 3.02. Do NOT use linelabel. Do NOT put a multicol in internal vertical mode {table}, {figure}, etc.
  • hyperref.sty: ref to a linelabel works since v3.03.
  • longtable.sty: broke with lineno.sty loaded, but not enabled. This is fixed in v3.04.
  • amsmath.sty: loadable, but not fully supported, with v4.41. Fully supported with v5.0. Use hooks to allow independent loading of amsmath and lineno with v5.1. Support amsmath option \allowdisplaybreaks with v5.2.

Installation and usage (UL, v4.1):

For being able to use ALL the new lineno.sty options, the following files must be "visible" to ("visible" explained below for beginners):

  • lineno.sty, edtable.sty, ednmath0.sty, ltabptch.sty – as above ("Home", note that clicking on "entire directory" suffices);
  • longtable.sty – from the standard Tools bundle.

Usage always starts with loading lineno.sty by \usepackage. The remaining .sty files are loaded automatically on the lineno.sty options (and we recommend not to load them through the mandatory argument of \usepackage).

For details, see lineno.tex/pdf and the .sty files mentioned above–search especially for tabular and math mode. (+ print below here).

"Visible to ()": Some users don't understand this "visibility" for a while, and indeed it may be somewhat non-trivial. These users may find help in https://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/ednotes/visible.txt . E.g., former users of lineno.sty may just put all the .sty files into the folder (at their workplace) where they had placed lineno.sty before. (/UL, /v4.1)

To print the documented source: Take the style-file lineno.sty, and feed it to a Unx shell. (Or download the extracted source documentation lineno.tex.)

csh> source ./lineno.sty
sh>  . ./lineno.sty

i.e., type sh lineno.sty (e.g.) as a UNIX command line. Problems with awk may arise. I therefore switched to nawk in lineno.sty v4.00, but this may trouble you as well. (UL)Please( ignore the error message at the beginning about the iffalse.)


(cf. SRCFILEs.txt):

  • README.txt: This file. (v4.1: UL)
  • CHANGEs.txt: Differences to previous versions. (v4.1: UL)
  • COPYING.txt: The LPPL header.
  • SCRFILEs.txt: Source file infos (UL 2011)
  • lineno.sty: The package itself, ready to use.
  • edtable.sty: Module for tabular environments. (UL, v4.1)
  • ednmath0.sty: Module for linelabel in math mode. (UL, v4.1)
  • fnlineno.sty: Add-on for footnote line numbers (UL, v0.55)
  • lineno.tex: The source for the documentation (generated)
  • lineno.pdf: PDF deriving from the former. (v4.1: UL)
  • lnosuppl.pdf: PDF listing of present non-PDF files
  • ulineno.tex: The pathetic attempt of a users' manual. Describes v3.1 currently.UL,( v4.1)
  • ulineno.pdf: PDF of former.
  • vplref.sty: Conditionally include page number in line number references (UL, v4.2)
  • linenoamsmathdemo.tex: Demo of making amsmath work with lineno (KW, v5.0)

As of version v3.00, the extension packages for lineno have all been incorporated into lineno.sty itself. Except for itemrule.sty, which was removed.


(Prior to my taking over maintenance of the package – KW)

** [ UL: A few festive words on history and responsibility   **
**       are next preceding hard facts as to (see lower)     **
**       o `Files'  and                                      **
**       o `Installation and usage'.                       ] **
2004-09-13 Uwe L"uck  [(UL)]  is new maintainer for lineno.sty.
lineno.sty served the purpose for which I wrote it years ago.  Uwe
L"uck uses lineno.sty with his Ednotes package, which required quite a
few changes and fixes.  His package depends on lineno, therefore
Uwe agreed to take over the maintenance of lineno.sty.
lineno.sty v4.0 includes most of the well tested changes that Uwe
needs for Ednotes.  These changes blend well into the concepts of the
package, so I am happy to let it go.
From here on it is Uwe's, and he may proceed to mangle it as he likes.
Expect some radical changes.  You may find him to be quite a bit
friendlier towards the poor souls who still use Windows :-).
Currently, you need some kind of Unix environment to extract the
source documentation from the sty file.
If some version 3 users run into difficulties with Uwe's newer
versions, but need a minor bug-fix in version 3, please do not
hesitate to ask me for help.  But all requests for new features or
major changes shall go to Uwe.
[ Thanks!  And please let me know as well should
  compatibility problems arise!  The announced radical
  changes are postponed again this time (v4.1).
  --Ednotes is in
                                                   Uwe ]
Please have a look at a similar work of Michal Jaegermann and James

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (926.5k).

lineno – Line numbers on paragraphs

Adds line numbers to selected paragraphs with reference possible through the \ref and \pageref cross reference mechanism.

Line numbering may be extended to footnote lines, using the fnlineno package.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/latex-lineno/lineno/issues
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3a
Copyright1995–2003 Stephan I. Böttcher
2002–2005, 2011 Uwe Lück
2021–2023 Karl Wette
MaintainerKarl Wette
Stephan Böttcher (inactive)
Uwe Lück (deceased)
Contained inTeX Live as lineno
MiKTeX as lineno
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