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NOTE:  A near complete re-draft of this package, to be called
       `the Camel Citator', is now in progress.  The new package
       consists of two files, camel.doc and law.doc.  You will
       also need the beta version of the LaTeX2e index.sty by
       David Jones.  All of these files can be fetched from
       rumple.soas.ac.uk:/pub.  Alternatively, try the WWW
       page http://rumple.soas.ac.uk/~fbennett/, and follow
       the links from there.

LexiTeX is a LaTeX2e style package for simplifying the in-
footnote citation styles required by major law journals.  A list
of citations is entered at the top of the document (or included
using \input), and references are made by nickname tags, in a
fashion similar to the normal usage of the \cite command.
Nickname references expand into context-sensitive
cross-referenced citations, which conform to the Harvard `Blue
Book' style with respect to typeface, punctuation and
cross-referencing form.  Tables of authorities can also be easily

LexiBib is a BibTeX style that exports citations from a BibTeX-
format database in the syntax required for digestion by LexiTeX.
This allows documents containing context-sensitive citations to
be prepared in much the same way as bibliographies and reference
tags are produced using standard BibTeX.  LexiBib is currently
`under construction', but it is now beyond the mere-novelty stage
of development.

The style has only recently been shifted to LaTeX2e; please
report any problems, so they can be dealt with promptly.

These utilities are distributed as two files, lexitex.doc and
lexibib.doc respectively.  To extract the files and print the
documentation you will need the docstrip and doc utilities
distributed as part of LaTeX2e.  Type `latex docstrip', or
whatever command will process the docstrip.tex file on your
system, and follow the prompts.  You want to process the file
call `lexitex' (or `lexibib'), with extension `doc', using option
`driver', to a file with extension `drv'.  Then type `latex
lexitex.drv' or `latex lexibib.drv', and watch the chips fly.
Extraction of lexitex.doc takes about 10 minutes on a 33mhz 486
running a big TeX on the Linux operating system.  On DOS-based
systems it will probably take much longer.

Once everything is extracted, you can edit the files lexitex.man
and lexibib.man to your taste, and print the documentation.
There is very little of this for LexiBib at present, but it will
come if I receive feedback from users or prospective users.

LexiTeX will eventually be released in a LaTeX2e version, but I
can't say when.  This largely depends on when LaTeX2e becomes
available for use with NTT-JTeX, since the entire reason LexiTeX
was developed in the first place was for the typesetting of
mixed-text Japanese and English documents for publication.

Upgrades to both of these packages will be released from time to
time.  If you have a problem or a question concerning them,
please drop a line to fbennett@rumple.soas.ac.uk; I'll be happy
to help.

Frank Bennett
SOAS Law Department
Thornhaugh Street
London WC1H 0XG
Tel: (071)323-6351

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (97.8k).

lexitex – Footnote-style citations for law journals

A predecessor of the camel system.

LicensesPublic Domain Software
Copyright1992–1994 Frank Bennett
MaintainerFrank Bennett
TopicsCite support
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