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hyper-package V4.2d of 1999/03/09

This package is used to produce hypertext documents with LaTeX.

Currently supported are:
  * the LaTeX2e base
  * the following packages:
      + amslatex
      + cweb
      + fancyheadings
      + ftnright
      + longtable
      + natbib
      + subeqnarray
      + theorem
      + xr

Current extensions are:
  * backcite

Many other packages will run with the hyper-package without modifying
anything. Just try it.

  Process hyper.dtx three times with latex
  If the hyper-package is already installed this will produce a hypertext
  document. Otherwise you will get a classical document without hypertext

Installation on Unix-platforms:
  Configure the variables of Makefile-Unix to Your needs and execute 
  "make -f Makefile-Unix install". Follow the instructions.

Installation on MSDos-platforms:
  Configure the variables of Makefile-MSDos to Your needs and execute 
  "nmake -f Makefile-MSDos install". Follow the instructions.

Installation on other platforms:
  Process hyper.ins with latex and move the files ending with .hyp or .sty
  into a directory searched by TeX.
  Move the files from the subdirectories contrib and scontrib into a
  directory searched by TeX.

Addons (not part of the installation directives above):
  There is a perl script called dvi2pdf.pl that generates a pdf file from 
  a dvi file using a dvips capable of transforming hyper dvi files to
  hyper ps files and ghostscripts pdfwriter capability.
  This file has three variables that have to be configured.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (313.7k).

hyper – Hypertext cross referencing

Redefines cross-referencing commands to insert \special commands for Hyper dvi viewers, such as recent versions of xdvi.

The package is now largely superseded by hyperref.

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright1995–1999 Michael Mehlich
MaintainerMichael Mehlich
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