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		Readme file for the HC Bundle for LaTeX2e

Name of the contribution:    HC Bundle for LaTeX2e

Author's name:               Christian Siefkes

Author's email:              error@cs.tu-berlin.de

Suggested CTAN directory:    macros/latex/contrib/supported/hc

Summary description:
Replacement for the LaTeX default classes, 
based upon the KoMa�Script bundle and the Seminar class.

Short text for announcement:
The HC Bundle for LaTeX2e provides the following four 
classes as replacement for the LaTeX default classes:
- hcart.cls:    substitute for the article class,
                based upon the KoMa�Script scrartcl class;
- hcreport.cls: substitute for the report class,
                based upon the KoMa�Script scrreprt class;
- hcletter.cls: substitute for the letter class,
                based upon the KoMa�Script scrlettr class;
- hcslides.cls: substitute for the slides class,
                based upon the seminar class.

Type of license: Free / GNU GPL

See FILES for a list of files.
Contact me, if files are missing (and tell me the way you got it):
e-mail:         error@cs.tu-berlin.de


* ATTENTION: You need a complete LaTeX2e and some extra packages 
  (see below)!

  Copy all files to a directory, where TeX/LaTeX can find them.
  Run hc.ins through LaTeX or TeX, e.g. at UNIX type:
    latex hc.ins
    tex hc.ins
  You'll get a couple of new cls-files and the file german.hld.
  Copy them to the coresponding LaTeX-directory.

  To get documentation (hc.dvi|ps) run hc.dtx through LaTeX, e.g. at UNIX
    latex hc.dtx 
    tex "&latex" hc.dtx
    latexps hc.dtx 
  You need three runs, to get table of contents and references right
  (latexps does this automatically).

Used LaTeX Packages:

The following LaTeX classes and packages are used by the HC Bundle.
Those marked with * are required to get the documuntation (hc.dvi|ps).

fontenc*          from the latex base
html*             from the latex2html program
ifthen*           from the latex base
inputenc*         from the latex base
multicol*         from the tools bundle
palatino*         from the psnfss bundle
pifont            from the psnfss bundle
scrartcl class*   from the koma-script bundle
scrlettr class    from the koma-script bundle
scrreprt class    from the koma-script bundle
seminar class
typearea*         from the koma-script bundle
varioref*         from the tools bundle
xspace*           from the tools bundle

  You may use latexbugs.tex, but don't send the report to the
  LaTeX-team, send it to the adress in this file above.

Changes since first version:
  You'll find all changes at the dtx-file.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (75.9k).

hcbun­dle – Re­place­ment for the classes

A set of re­place­ments for the de­fault classes, based upon the Koma-Script bun­dle and the sem­i­nar class. In­cludes hcart, hcre­port, hclet­ter, and hc­slides.

Li­censesFree li­cense not oth­er­wise listed
Main­tainerChris­tian Siefkes
Con­tained inTeX Live as hc
MiKTeX as hc
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