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An experimental package for semi-manual grid (a.k.a. in-register) setting

package gridset Copyright (c) 2008—2020 Markus Kohm Release: 2020-02-12 v0.3 License: LPPL 1.3c (see LICENSE.md) CTAN Location: https://ctan.org/pkg/gridset


This package provides commands to save positions to and restore positions from aux-file. This may be used for grid setting (a.k.a. strict in-register setting).

Status Note

This package should not have been released, because it was only a very quick implementation of an idea. You should not use it for any productive purpose. It has been made for testing only. I would prefer to retire it from any distribution. Nevertheless I know few persons using the package. So it will be still there but without any support!


The package is part of Live (and therefore also Mac) and MiK. Users should use the packages provided by their distribution.

However, manual extraction can be used to try out the developer version.

To extract the package use:

tex gridset.dtx

To create the manual use:

pdflatex gridset.dtx
mkindex gridset
pdflatex gridset.dtx
pdflatex gridset.dtx

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (223.8k).

gridset – Grid, a.k.a. in-register, setting

Grid setting — also known as strict in-register setting — is something, that should be done for a lot of documents but is not easy using . The package helps to get the information needed for grid setting. It does not implement auto grid setting, but there is a command \vskipnextgrid, that moves to the next grid position. This may be enough under some circumstances, but in other circumstances it may fail. Thus gridset is only one more step for grid setting, not a complete solution.

Home pagehttps://komascript.de/gridset
Version0.3 2020-02-12
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2008–2020 Markus Kohm
MaintainerMarkus Kohm
TDS archivegridset.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as gridset
MiKTeX as gridset
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