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% Time-stamp: <2008-08-15T10:09:30 (cest) [yvon sur hypatie]>

ENGPRON 2 2008-08-15
50th anniversary edition

                       DESCRIPTION :                        

This bundle contains
% the package itself
% bilingual OnlyDescription documentation
% documentation for the final user
engpron-fr.pdf % in French
engpron-en.pdf % in English
% examples
engpron-ex-fr.pdf % in French
engpron-ex-en.pdf % in English
% for *nix make
% sources
engpron.dtx     engpron.ins
% English part
README      % this file 
% French part
% TDS-compliant archive

                       COMPILATION :                        
For *nix user:
make all
to produce all the files and documentation

make clean
to erase auxiliary files

make distclean
to come back to prepublication state
Without Makefile
1. run engpron.ins through LATEX (not TeX)
that produces the following files
engpron-en.ltx           % English documentation
engpron-ex-en.tex        % English example
engpron-fr.ltx           % French documentation
engpron-ex-fr.tex        % French example
engpron-tools.sty        % a package to produce the documentation
engpron.sty              % the package
2. to produce English documentation
   1/ run engpron-en.ltx through pdflatex twice
   2/ run ``makeindex engpron-en''
   3/ run engpron-en.ltx through pdflatex once
   4/ read! 

ENGPRON 2 2008-08-15
The active character £ is made `robust' with the meaning
this word has in LaTeX parlance (moving argument) with the
package drac if option `drac' is choosen as it is the case
by default. Opposite option `nodrac'. 

Macros for syllable divisions and hyphenation.

The macros for stress marking enable hyphenation if option
`hyphenable' is enforced. Opposite option `unhyphenable'

The macros for syllable divisions produce a glyph if option
`visible' is enforced. Opposite option `invisible'. 

ENGPRON 1   2004-05-20
1re version publique.

Yvon Henel, le TeXnicien de surface

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.2M).

engpron – Helps to type the pronunciation of English words

This package provides macros beginning with the £ character, made active, which enable us to write the British or American English pronunciation as one can find it in the ‘English Pronouncing Dictionary’ by Daniel Jones. There is an option to typeset the pronunciation in the style of Harrap’s dictionary.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerYvon Henel
TDS archiveengpron.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as engpron
MiKTeX as engpron
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