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EDNOTES.STY -- typesetting scholarly critical editions with LaTeX 
            -- (C) Uwe Lueck, dir. Christian Tapp 2003--2006 

Scholarly critical editions: 
 -- line numbers are printed in the margin; 
 -- you refer to them in one or two footnote layers or more. 

Visit http://ednotes.sty.de.vu for learning more about the matter. 

The present file `README' refers to the content of the CTAN 
subdirectory /macros/latex/contrib/ednotes/. 

The files contained in the same subdirectory are subject to the 
LaTeX Project Public License -- see 


  For COPYRIGHTs as well as conditions of use (NO WARRANTY), 
  MODIFYING, and (RE)DISTRIBUTION, please see inside the files 
  mentioned in the present `READMORE.txt' file, as well as 
  `README-lineno.txt' and `README-ncctools.txt'. Usually, the LaTeX 
  Project Public License applies, a recent version of which can be 
  found on 

  Any REDISTRIBUTION of `ednotes.sty' must contain the present 
  `README' file. 
  If you DISTRIBUTE `manyfoot.sty' and `nccfoots.sty', they must be 
  accompanied by `manyfoot.dtx', `nccfoots.dtx', and 

For additional informations (installing; other kinds of usage ...), 
please see READMORE.txt next. 

-- Most notably: Packages lineno.sty, manyfoot.sty, nccfoots.sty 
are required, to be found in CTAN subdirectories 


or maybe in another subdirectory of /macros/latex/contrib/ 
(enter `manyfoot' to http://tug.ctan.org/search.html). 
With TeXLive, /ncctools/ is in collection-latexextra. 

-- UL, 2006/10/05

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (433.3k).

ednotes – Typeset scholarly editions

A macro package for typesetting scholarly critical editions. Provides macros for critical edition typesetting with , including support for line numbers and layers of footnotes.

Home pagehttp://www.webdesign-bu.de/uwe_lueck/critedltx.html
LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright2002–2006 Uwe Lück
MaintainerUwe Lück (deceased)
Contained inMiKTeX as ednotes
TopicsCritical edition
See alsolineno
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