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easyformat is a package that allows the use of _ (the underscore)
to add italics and bold text and ^ (the circumflex) to add smallcaps.

Import the package with: \usepackage{easyformat}

Now you can do the following in textmode:
_italics_, __bold__, ___bolditalic___ and ^smallcaps^.

The underscore's (_) and circumflex's (^) meaning in
mathmode stay the same.

(See easyformat.pdf for more info.)

A package by Evert Provoost, licensed under GPLv3.

Made with <3 in Berlaar, Belgium.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (50.6k).

easyformat – Easily add boldface, italics and smallcaps

This package allows the use of underscores and circumflexes to begin resp. end italic, bold or SMALLCAPS formatting, as an alternative to the standard \textit{…}, \textbf{…} and/or \textsc{…}.

The meaning of underscore and circumflex in mathmode remain the same.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/ElecProg/easyformat/issues
Version1.4.0 2017-06-03
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3 or newer
MaintainerEvert Provoost
Contained inTeX Live as easyformat
MiKTeX as easyformat
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