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(C) Frank Bennett 1996, 1997

This package provides facilities for parsing a string
of dates in a loosely structured format, returning the
result in an orderly fashion in count register.  The
parser, meant to be called by other packages, is extensible,
and full documentation is provided.  A demonstration
file is included in the distribution which shows off
its major features.

This package also requires the overword package,
also on CTAN.

Current version: 1.3
Feb 17 1997
Frank Bennett

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (23.6k).

dates – Macros for parsing date strings

This package provides a macro, \dateread, that can be used to parse date strings, either individually or recursively. The macro expects a human-readable syntax, which it converts into an integer (a “long date”) that can be more easily used for some types of computation. A set of companion macros and token registers is also provided for converting long dates into human-readable form.

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MaintainerFrank Bennett
TopicsDate time
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