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concmath --- LaTeX support for Concrete Math fonts.

Copyright (C) 1995--99 Ulrik Vieth

This software is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public License
as described in lppl.txt in the base LaTeX distribution; either
version 1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


This directory contains the documented sources of the `concmath'
package for LaTeX(2e) that provides access to the Concrete Math
typefaces, which were derived from the Concrete Roman typefaces
designed by Donald E. Knuth.

The Concrete Math fonts provide a collection of math italics,
math symbol, and math extension fonts that complement the
Concrete Roman fonts, so that the Concrete family of typefaces
may be used as a complete replacement for Computer Modern.
(Orginally, Concrete Roman was designed as a text font for use
with the Euler math font, designed by Hermann Zapf.)

Since Concrete is considerably darker than Computer Modern, this
variant may be of particular interest for use in low-resolution
printing or in display-oriented applications such as posters,
transparencies, or online documents.

To use this package, you will need the following sets of fonts:

* Concrete Roman (located in CTAN:fonts/concrete)
* Concrete Math  (located in CTAN:fonts/concmath)

To facilitate the installation, the Concrete Math fonts are made
available through a symbolic link, so that the contents of
CTAN:fonts/concmath is automatically included as a subdirectory
if you download this directory as a `.zip' or `.tar.gz' archive.


The `concmath' distribution consists of the following files:

  README        - some notes on the `concmath' package
  Makefile      - Makefile to install the `concmath' package
  concmath.dtx  - documented source of the `concmath' package
  concmath.ins  - LaTeX installation script

Subdirectory `fonts':

  README        - some notes on the Concrete Math fonts
  Makefile      - Makefile to install the `concmath' fonts

Subdirectory `fonts/mf':

  xcc*.mf       - Metafont drivers for various sizes and shapes

Subdirectory `fonts/tfm':

  xcc*.tfm      - TeX font metrics for various sizes and shapes


(1) Before installing the `concmath' package and typesetting the
documentation, make sure that you have the Concrete Roman and
Concrete Math fonts installed.

If you are lucky, both sets may have already been provided as
part of your TeX distribution.  Otherwise, if you have to
install the Concrete Math fonts yourself, proceed by changing to
the `fonts' subdirectory and installing the fonts from there.

- If you have a TDS-compatible TeX installation, you may try to
  use the `Makefile' in the `fonts' subdirectory by calling:

    cd fonts ; make install

- For manual installation of the font sources and font metric
  files, please consult the instructions in `fonts/README'.

(2) After the fonts have been installed, return to this directory.
To unpack the `concmath' package and to typeset the documentation,
 proceed as follows:

- If you have a TDS-compatible TeX installation, you may try to
  use the enclosed `Makefile' by calling:

    make ; make install

- For manual installation, run

    latex concmath.ins

  to unpack the package file `concmath.sty' and the corresponding
  font definition files (*.fd) from the source file `concmath.dtx'.

  To typeset the documentation, run

    latex concmath.dtx

  twice to generate `concmath.dvi'.

  Finally, to install the `concmath' package, copy the files
  `concmath.sty' and all `*.fd' to TEXMF/tex/latex/concmath or
  wherever else your installation keeps LaTeX(2e) `.sty' files.

Happy TeXing!

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (352.1k).

concmath – Concrete Math fonts

A package and font definition files to access the Concrete mathematics fonts, which were derived from Computer Modern math fonts using parameters from Concrete Roman text fonts.

Version 1999-03-18
LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerUlrik Vieth
Contained inTeX Live as concmath
MiKTeX as concmath
TopicsFont support
See alsoconcrete
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