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Focus v3.4.0

A presentation theme for Beamer that aims at a clean and minimalist design, so to minimize distractions and put the focus directly on the content.

This package is available through the CTAN in most distributions such as MiK and Live.

Requires the packages appendixnumberbeamer, fira and PGF/TikZ to be installed in your distribution.


A full demo is available. Refer to focus-demo.tex and focus-demo.pdf.


Download the latest release by following this link.


After downloading, copy the files named beamerthemefocus.sty into the same folder as your source file.

Then include the theme by writing:



in the preamble of your document.

Customize colors

Focus is based on two colors, namely main and background, that can be customized after including the theme.

For example:


\definecolor{main}{RGB}{92, 138, 168}
\definecolor{background}{RGB}{240, 247, 255}

produces the following ice-blue color theme.

Customize the footline

The footline numbering can be customized through the theme option numbering. The standard value is:


that shows an progress bar of increasing length on the footline.

Alternatively, a full footline bar with the frame numbering can be shown with:


The minimal style just prints the frame numbering without any footline background:


In the fullbar and minimal cases, an optional text to be printed on the left side of the footline can be customized with:

\footlineinfo{Custom footline text}

For all footline styles the total frame number (shown by default) can be suppressed with:


The footline may also be disabled globally by typing:


Customize fonts

Focus is using the Fira fonts by default.

This can be changed by using the option nofirafonts:

Warning: if returns an error about the font not being found, please follow the instructions at the Live Guide, section 3.4.4.


This software is released under the GNU GPL v3.0 License.


If you are enjoying this theme please share it with your friends or colleagues!

Any suggestions, comments, criticism or appreciation are welcome!

Contact information are available to registered users on my Github profile page.


Focus was initially created and designed by Pasquale Africa.

Many other people deserve appreciation and acknowledgment for improving the template with additions and modifications. Please find a detailed list of contributors here.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (259.8k).

beamertheme-focus – A minimalist presentation theme for Beamer

A presentation theme for Beamer that aims at a clean and minimalist design, so to minimize distractions and put the focus directly on the content.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/elauksap/focus-beamertheme/issues
Version3.4.0 2024-02-07
LicensesGNU General Public License, version 3
Copyright2018 Sebastian Friedl
2018–2024 Pasquale Claudio Africa et al.
MaintainerPasquale Claudio Africa
Contained inTeX Live as beamertheme-focus
MiKTeX as beamertheme-focus
See alsobeamertheme-pure-minimalistic
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