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This is the README file for the Gates package.
Author: Paul Isambert.
E-mail: zappathustra AT free DOT fr
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Date: May 2012.
Version: 0.2.

Gates helps writing code in a modular fashion: macros are broken into
small chunks with names, which can be externally controlled and/or
augmented with new ones. Code thus written can be easily modified.

Gates is implemented independantly for both TeX and Lua; the former
requires the texapi package, while the latter can run with any Lua
interpreter (not just LuaTeX).

The files in this distribution are:

gates.tex     - TeX implementation
gates.sty     - wrapper for LaTeX
t-gates.tex   - wrapper for LaTeX
gates.lua     - Lua implementation
gates-doc.tex - master file for the doc
gates-doc.txt - text of the doc (readable in a text editor)
gates-doc.pdf - typeset doc

Licensing of this package is covered by LPPL.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (209.9k).

gates – Sup­port for writ­ing mod­u­lar and cus­tomis­able code

The pack­age pro­vides the means of writ­ing code in a mod­u­lar fash­ion: big macros or func­tions are di­vided into small chunks (called gates) with names, which can be ex­ter­nally con­trolled (e.g. they can be dis­abled, sub­jected to con­di­tion­als, loops...) and/or aug­mented with new chunks.

Thus com­plex code may eas­ily be cus­tomised with­out hav­ing to rewrite it, or even un­der­stand its im­ple­men­ta­tion: the be­hav­ior of ex­ist­ing gates can be mod­i­fied, and new ones can be added, with­out en­dan­ger­ing the whole de­sign. This al­lows code to be hacked in ways the orig­i­nal au­thors might have never en­vi­sioned.

The gates pack­age is im­ple­mented in­de­pen­dently for both and Lua. The im­ple­men­ta­tion, run­ning in any cur­rent en­vi­ron­ment, re­quires the texapi pack­age, whereas the Lua ver­sion can be run with any Lua in­ter­preter, not just Lua.

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Main­tainer Paul Isam­bert
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